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VVVV Intermediates – Winter 2023

1 Transformations
2 Sound Reactive Graphics
3 Intro to FUSE
4 FUSE Deep Dive
5 FUSE Particle System
6 Châtaigne and vvvv
7 Dataset to Dataviz
8 Sequencers and Clocks
9 Arduino
10 VL.Stride for 3D
11 SuperCollider
12 Book of Shaders

Start – November 23rd 2023 6-9 (Berlin Time)
In English Language / Online via Zoom
12 Modules in 12 weekly Sessions, every Thursday until February 22nd 2024

Embark on a semester-long journey tailored for those with intermediate skills in VVVV, eager to ascend to the next level and arm themselves with the essential expertise for the diverse realms where VVVV shines. While we might not cover every facet, our extensive experience allows us to foresee the common challenges you’ll face in the field.

Dive deeper into each module by exploring the thumbnail descriptions. The live sessions promise a concentrated dose of knowledge, sharing top-tier practices, potentially saving you days or even weeks of solo exploration. Our instructors will generously provide components, example files, and code ready for seamless integration into your projects. For any queries, feel free to connect with us at

Upon completing the live sessions, you’ll enjoy one year of access to workshop files and recordings. Let’s elevate your VVVV skills together!

About the Instructors

We have assembled a team of highly respected instructors from around the globe to deliver a comprehensive semester-long learning experience aimed at elevating your VVVV skills to new heights:

The maestros leading the courses are seasoned artists, designers and developers, masters in their craft, showcasing prowess through the crafting of remarkable tools and experiences. Their collective expertise spans decades in the dynamic realm of experience design and visual programming.

Each instructor brings a unique set of talents and has left an indelible mark on the community. Delve into the course descriptions to unearth more about the individual journeys and contributions of these instructors, each a luminary in their own right.

Modularized Learning:

While we recommend to follow the course through all of it’s 16 Modules from beginning to end –
not only because of the massive rebates we offer on the whole bundle, but also because the modules build on top of each other and cover almost every aspect, we feel is necessary to face the manifold challenges that TouchDesigner professionals will encounter, we know that not everyone can embark to an almost four month journey. That why you can either buy the whole course – or only the modules that you choose.

Flexible Pricing

As with all our courses, we offer three pricing categories to accommodate the different economic value this course can have to different participants. Be fair and respect our work and the instructors by doing the right thing! Assess your situation and choose which ticket is right for you.

  • Student & Hobbyist
    You are currently studying or want to learn TouchDesigner for personal reasons that are not related to your source of income.
  • Professional
    You are working professionally as a self employed or freelancing person and want to learn TouchDesigner to advance your career and win new customers by expanding your skills.
    Maybe you work as an employee in another field, but want to qualify yourself for new challenges, yet your company is not supporting you on this path.
  • Company*
    You are employed with or are running a company that will leverage the new skills acquired in their work with clients. You want to further qualify your employees and support them on their learning path.

    *Corporate Responsibility
    When you purchase a Company seat, you not only provide access for yourself or your employee, but you also support a participant from a developing country or someone in financial need who otherwise couldn’t afford the course. Each company ticket includes a scholarship for someone to benefit from this opportunity.

The whole course as a bundle (save up to 20%!):

Student – 10 Modules at 40 EUR + 2 free Modules = 400 EUR
Professional – 10 Modules at 80 EUR + 2 free Modules = 800 EUR
Company – 10 Modules at 160 EUR + 2 free Modules = 1600 EUR

Individual Modules:

Most modules consist of one session.
You can buy the individual modules by clicking on the thumbnails on the top of this page.

Student – One Session at 50 EUR
Professional – One Session at 100 EUR
Company – One Session at 200 EUR,