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FUSE Deep Dive

Winter Season 2023

Recording of December 14th 2023 in English Language
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Join this comprehensive course that dives deep into the world of gpu programming with FUSE, focussing on the FUSE library in detail. Throughout this engaging session, you’ll explore the inner workings of FUSE, learn how it extends vvvv’s visual language VL to interact with the GPU, and potentially port GLSL examples from ShaderToy to FUSE.

This workshop is ideal for individuals with experience in vvvv dataflow patching who are looking to expand their knowledge of shaders and gain an in-depth understanding of FUSE. Hosted by Christian Riekoff, one of the FUSE developers, you will enhance your understanding of gpu programming and unlock the potential of FUSE in your creative projects.

What is FUSE? 

FUSE is a groundbreaking VL library for vvvv,  that’s making waves in the world of real-time content creation. Its development partner is Refik Anadol Studio, and it’s widely recognized as a go-to standard for realtime rendering in creative software studios worldwide. 

For further information about the FUSE Library and VVVV, you can explore the following links:

Course Outline

  • Demystifying FUSE: Dive into the core of FUSE and understand its shader entry points.
  • Mastering Control Flow: Explore control flow nodes and how to wield their power.
  • Harnessing Delegates: Delve into the world of higher-level functions and how delegates can simplify complex tasks, taking your GPU programming skills.
  • FUSE and Stride: Uncover the intricate dance between FUSE and the Stride material and render pipeline, and discover how they work together.
  • GPU Computation: Learn to use the compute system for buffer and texture-based GPU computation.
  • Debugging Magic: Master the art of debugging FUSE shaders. Uncover techniques to troubleshoot and fine-tune your creations.


This course is designed for participants with a basic understanding of vvvv gamma. This course will build on knowledge and skills learnt from the free FUSE Introduction course. We will provide installation materials and support ahead of time and attendants are asked to come prepared.

About the Instructor

Christian Riekoff (aka @texone) is a media artist based in Schwerin. He studied Experimental Media Design at the Berlin University of the Arts and Media Programming at the University of Applied Science Berlin. Christhian’s work mainly focuses on interactive installations, generative systems and kinetic sculptures, merging a love for code with design skills.


Student – One Session at 50 EUR = 50 EUR
Professional – One Session at 100 EUR = 100 EUR
Company – One Session at 200 EUR = 200 EUR