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WS23 – VVVV 03 – FUSE Introduction

Youtube Recording

FREE Recording of December 7th 2023 in English Language

After this free introduction workshop, the recording will be freely available for everyone on youtube.

This free course is for developers, designers, and enthusiasts interested in learning about GPU-accelerated graphics, logic, and computation. The workshop aims to introduce participants to the FUSE graphics library, its core features, and how to utilize it effectively for rapid visual programming on the GPU using vvvv gamma. You’ll have the library introduced by Kyle McLean, one of the FUSE masterminds and the creative developer behind numerous projects that have harnessed the power of FUSE.

What is FUSE? 

FUSE is a groundbreaking VL library for vvvv,  that’s making waves in the world of real-time content creation. Its development partner is Refik Anadol Studio, and it’s widely recognized as a go-to standard for realtime rendering in creative software studios worldwide. 

For further information about the FUSE Library, you can explore the following links:

Course Outline

  1. Context: Understand the fundamentals. What is FUSE, and how does it relate to vvvv gamma and Stride? We’ll help you find your way around the library.
  2. Core Features of FUSE: Get a taste of the library’s core features. We’ll cover topics like noise, signed distance fields, FUSE regions, rendering geometry, simulations, and raymarching. While some subjects will be explored in more detail in later sessions, this overview will get you started.
  3. Make!: Ready to roll up your sleeves? We’ll show you how to create a sketch that combines many of these elements. It’s your chance to put your newfound knowledge into practice and create something visually stunning.


A basic understanding of vvvv gamma or other node based programming tools is helpful however users that are new to FUSE and vvvv are also welcome. We will provide installation materials and support ahead of time and will ask that attendants come prepared.

About the Instructor

Kyle McLean (aka @everyoneishappy) is a media artist and independent researcher currently based in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Fascinated by our symbiotic embrace with technology Kyle approaches this area with lightness and humor, whilst acknowledging that our times hold deep change. As well as maintaining a personal practice he also consults for award winning studios and practices gift giving through the publishing of open source graphical and computational libraries.


This course is FREE. Just be sure to create an account, and return here to register for the course. Enjoy!