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From Dataset to Dataviz: Mastering Data Visualization in vvvv gamma

Recording of January 18th 2024 in English Language
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Join us in this course as we explore the art of creating fundamental data visualizations based on datasets using Skia in vvvv gamma. You’ll learn how to import data, structure, organize, group, and visually represent it effectively. Dive into the world of positioning data points in 2D spaces using various parameters, and discover how to select the most suitable chart type based on the message you want to convey, drawing inspiration from the Data Visualization Catalogue (

Our primary focus will be on proportions and comparisons, as they are essential elements for crafting compelling data visualizations. The resulting 2D charts often serve as valuable labeling components in larger data art projects.

To bring our data visualizations to life, we will be working with a dataset from ‘Statistik Austria’, which illustrates heating systems and their resource usage over the past 20 years. This dataset includes information about the heating landscape in Austria, both at a national level and across individual states. With this dataset, we can delve into distributions over time, across different regions, and in relation to various energy resources. Additionally, we can understand meaningful comparisons. 

Course Outline

  • Data Structure with JSON: Understand the significance of working with JSON for data handling and representation.
  • Creating Custom Data Records: Learn to construct your own data records with the necessary properties to suit your specific needs.
  • Loop Concepts Recap: Revisit the fundamentals of loops to efficiently process and manipulate your data.
  • Exporting as .pdf or .svg: Explore the options for saving your visualizations in .pdf or .svg formats, enhancing your output capabilities.


This course is designed for participants with a basic understanding of vvvv gamma. Familiarity with classes and records, channels, classic network protocols such as OSC, is helpful.

About the Instructor

For 15 years, Katharina Mayrhofer (aka @kathl) has been working at the intersection of code and design, preferably in diverse teams. Currently, she is employed at the company Responsive Spaces. In parallel with her work in the field of interactive media installations, she teaches in the area of generative real-time graphics and data-based visualizations. Presently, she is involved in teaching at the Art University Linz and at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg.

Katharina understands design as a process of finding solutions, embodying the essence of Franz Kafka’s words, “Ways are made by walking them.”


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