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FUSE Particle System Exploration for Visual Artists

Winter Season 2023

Recording of January 5th 2024 in English Language
Recordings are accessible for up to one year after purchase.

In this introductory session, we’ll focus on the core concepts of the FUSE particle system and explore its fundamental nodes for emission, simulation, and drawing, gradually moving into more advanced combinations.

This workshop is tailor-made for visual artists, whether you’re an experienced vvvv gamma user or a beginner eager to dive into the world of the FUSE particle system. We aim to provide a solid foundation for your creative endeavors.

What is FUSE? 

FUSE is a groundbreaking VL library for vvvv,  that’s making waves in the world of real-time content creation. Its development partner is Refik Anadol Studio, and it’s widely recognized as a go-to standard for realtime rendering in creative software studios worldwide. 

For further information about the FUSE Library and VVVV, you can explore the following links:

Course Outline

  1. Particle Basics: We’ll break down the foundational ideas behind particle systems, enabling you to understand how they work.
  2. FUSE Particle System Introduction: Explore the basics of the FUSE particle system, introducing key nodes and the attributes that shape your particles.
  3. Forces and Constraints: Discover how to work with forces and constraints, adding depth and control to your particle creations.
  4. Advanced Examples: As you become more comfortable with the basics, we’ll explore a few complex examples to inspire your creative journey.


A basic understanding of vvvv gamma or other node based programming tools is helpful however users that are new to FUSE and vvvv are also welcome.

About the Instructor

Bryan Mischling (aka @gegenlicht) is a visual artist, exhibition designer, and creative coder based in Cologne. 

In 2017, he completed his Master of Arts in Exhibition Design at the Exhibition Design Institute of the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. Throughout his Masters and Bachelors studies, he gained experience as a freelancer in the development of digital exhibits for various fairs and museums. He creatively utilized this experience as a VJ and visual artist for cultural events.

During his studies, Bryan placed a strong emphasis on experimenting with interactive media. The human interaction with living machines has been a topic that has fascinated him for many years.


Student – One Session at 50 EUR = 50 EUR
Professional – One Session at 100 EUR = 100 EUR
Company – One Session at 200 EUR = 200 EUR