The new vvvv equips you with visual object-oriented programming. Extend your node menu with any .NET library. Anything you need for your interactive installations.

TouchDesigner is a visual development platform that equips you with the tools you need to create stunning realtime projects and rich user experiences.


Upcoming meetups, lectures and other live events.

Berlin 7:30pm to 11:30pm
Organized by The NODE Institute, the TouchDesigner Roundtable Berlin is the meeting point for creatives and developers who work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner as well as everybody who is curious about the world of interactive media art and
Berlin 10:00am to 5:30pm
We are honored to announce our partnership with this two-day TouchDesigner event, the first Derivative-hosted community event in Europe since Berlin 2018 and a long time coming!  This event is intended to share new work and ideas, inspire and educate,


Learn Visual Programming

In pursuit of the best quality education for visual programming, we have put together several learning experiences for beginners and intermediate users of TouchDesigner and VVVV.

Weekly sessions, held online by experienced instructors are designed to unlock new skills complimentary to work and studies. The Beginner classes are sold as one block, while Intermediate modules can be bought as a bundle or as single modules.

Recordings from NODE 2020

30 vvvv workshops

We have been putting together an extensive program of workshops around vvvv’s creative coding techniques for the 2020 edition of NODE Forum for Digital Arts.  Here are the recordings! Beyond Sound and Visual, Introduction to Computer Vision, Machine Learning in vvvv, Generative Design Algorithms, Machine Learning with RunwayML, Audible Data and many more…

Asynchronous evergreens

Video Courses

Asynchronouse video courses are suited perfectly to offer students a structured learning path through their lessons in a self paced style. We are constantly adding new courses, often topics where we see users struggling with. 


Machine Learning for Interaction Designers

This workshop is for interaction designers who work with the visual programming environment vvvv.  The online workshop by Seb Escudié will introduce you to tools enabling you to leverage machine learning capabilities in your own vvvv patches. 


Timeline your data in vvvv using VL.Kairos

This four hour workshop was recorded live on March 30th 2021. Kairos a new tool to structure your data in vvvv. It also introduces a vast range of possibilities for managing live data and controlling your applications. Learn directly from the developer Natan Sinigaglia.


The NODE20 VVVV Workshop Bundle

30 vvvv workshops. 90 hours of learning. Brought to you by the most experienced vvvv instructors and the vvvv developers. Recorded at NODE20 Forum for digital Arts.


Visual Programming with TouchDesigner

This free introduction gets you started with the visual programming environment and flattens the learning curve considerably.

Starting at 60 EUR

Volumetric Lights in TouchDesigner

You will learn how to build a custom volumetric lighting system in TouchDesigner from Lucas Morgan, the creator of GeoPix.

Starting at 120 EUR

GLSL in Touchdesigner I

Understand how GLSL shaders work in Touchdesigner and unleash the beauty of mathematics with VanTa.



The NODE Institute  aims to provide a home for the visual programming communities.

We work closely together with the Frankfurt based  NODE Forum for Digital Arts and provide continuous learning opportunities between their festival editions.

We are dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and inspiration. We organise workshops and webinars and host user meetings for the VVVV, TouchDesigner, Cables and other creative communities in our studio in Berlin and worldwide through online participation of the same.

We connect educators with students, clients with experts, problems with solutions.

Learn more about our consulting services here!

The NODE Institute at Wipperstraße / Berlin

Let’s be honest. If you do what we do, you do it because you love it. And that’s what makes it so rewarding to meet likeminded people that dedicate their talents to explore the borderlands of art, technology, performance and programming. 

To enjoy each others company, to share inspiration, to come up with new projects, to help each other out and to chat about something completely different.

We enjoy facilitating these encounters, live in our studio in Berlin and worldwide.

Our mission is to complement the great wealth of user generated tutorials with an organised learning path suited for professionals.

As a platform we connect students and educators in a way that benefits both.

Educators can spend more time on creating learning materials and help students when they get paid. 

Students will be able to aquire certificates, backed up by industry professionals that actually mean something when looking for a job.

United we stand, divided we fall. 

We don’t believe in competition. We  believe that great talents will want to create great work together and make a living. That works better together than against each others. 

Call us hippies if you want, but we want to contribute to a world where people respect each others work and viewpoints and help each other to grow. Where people think critically about the state of the world, their work and our common future.