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WS23 – VVVV 08 – Create Sequencers and Precise Clock Based Tools in vvvv gamma

February 29th 2024, 6 – 9 PM BERLIN time
Live via Zoom, in English Language / Recording will be available the day after the class takes place.
Recordings are accessible for up to one year after purchase.

After the live lesson you will get access to the recording and the workshop files for one year.

In this session we are going to get familiar with the building blocks of a sequencer, and learn some strategies to build tight clock based applications in vvvv gamma. Whether you’re passionate about music and visuals or simply looking to explore the underpinnings of sequencers, this course has something to offer.

Course Outline

  • The Power of Sequencers: Dlve into the fundamental building blocks of a sequencer (not strictly musical), learning how they work and how to harness their potential.
  • Observables and Reactivity: Discover the magic of working with observables and reactive libraries, a must learn when it comes to reactive, event based patching.
  • Data Operations: Learn about binary search and other similar operations, equipping you with the skills to efficiently sort and manipulate data lists.


This course is designed for participants with a basic understanding of vvvv gamma.

About the Instructor

Arístides García (aka @lasal). Born 1976 in Tenerife (Spain), long term vvvv user Arístides is a ‘diplomate building engineer’. Since 2009 he has been living in Berlin and working as Creative Technologist & Generative-Interactive Designer. In recent years he has developed audiovisual sequencers inspired by the abstraction ‘the sound of the geometry’, parametric design tools to produce cardboard artworks, music visualizations, large multimedia installations, and interactive environments for dance performances, among others. Arístides works as a freelancer with agencies, artists & companies, in the field of generative & interactive design.


Student – One Session at 50 EUR = 50 EUR
Professional – One Session at 100 EUR = 100 EUR
Company – One Session at 200 EUR = 200 EUR