Visual Programming with TouchDesigner

Visual programming with TouchDesigner Welcome to the NODE Institute.We are all about sharing knowledge and inspiration. To this end we host regular user meetings for the VVVV and TouchDesigner communites

Volumetric Lights in TouchDesigner

About this Course Touchdesigner is a powerful tool to create interactive media performances and installations. However, some popular rendering techniques like volumetric lights have been impossible to achieve out of

Notch and Touch – a love affair Notch is a powerful enviroment to create amazing motion graphics and interactive VFX in realtime, but how can you take this one step further? That's where TouchDesigner comes in

Tame the Flame – with Presets

To create a Flow simulation in TouchDesigner you need a minimum of three operators: The Nvidia Flow TOP calculates the Flow simulation and renders it. A Camera_COMP to look at the simulation

NDI Video Switcher in TouchDesigner

NDI Video Switcher in TouchDesigner In this step-by-step tutorial Stefan Kraus demonstrates how to use NewTeks NDI with TouchDesigner and stream live output to Facebook. Furthermore Stefan explains in depth