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About this Course

There can be no doubt that the internet is the most important medium of our days. Learn how to use data from Web APIs in your interactive installations or performances. 

Wieland Hilker will guide you through the process of content acquisition from open Web APIs. Once you understood the basics, you can integrate social media posts, weather data or tweets  in your TouchDesigner projects. This workshop will explain basic concepts that help you to move on by yourself, not just simple recipes that work for only one website.

Ingest data from all over the internet and use it for your own evil purposes!

About the Instructor

Wieland Hilker
The Berlin based creative developer is a fellow at the The Node Institute and well known to the community as Alphamoonbass.Berlin – a steady source of useful tools and components with that special Python sauce. Wieland is a certified event technician and has worked for the Deutsche Oper just as enthousiastic as he does for his artis collective sound9 and the diverse indy theater productions he is involved with in different roles.

Wieland Hilker has been VJing since 2009, loves Python since 2017 and works with TouchDesigner since 2015.