When do you want to use TouchDesigner and when not.

Often you need to think about pipelines rather than single programs.

You don’t want to use TouchDesigner for web design and games. You can not build standalone applications that run for example on mobile devices, tablets or gaming consoles. While you can make music with TD, there are better tools for that.

You don’t want to draw drawings, plans or build complex 3D models in TouchDesigner.

You want to use TouchDesigner if you are planning to create interactive, dynamic multimedia applications that have a link to the real world, especially if that happens to be a stage.

You want to use TD if you need to control many different devices and medias in one integrated performance or installation.

You want to use TD when you want to work with realtime compositing and dynamic generative graphics.

You want to use it when you want to visualize music through procedural 3D scenes and animations.

You want to use TouchDesigner to simply explore the realm of realtime computer graphics just for fun.

Most of the time when you are building performances and installations, one tool will not be enough. What you need is to define pipelines and workflows that often include different soft- and hardware that needs to be connected in custom ways. TouchDesigner is an excellent environment to connect many different devices and ideas.

It has to be said that visual programming can become quite addictive because you work on an already running system and there is always output and always something to improve and to try. It is a bit like playing a good computer game. Just so much better…