Who makes TouchDesigner?

Who makes Touchdesigner and why?

TouchDesigner is a visual programming environment aimed at the creation of multimedia applications. The company behind it is called Derivative and was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2000.

Greg Hermanovic, Rob Bairos and Jarrett Smith were working at Houdini, but their passion was for electronic music and performing live visuals alongside musicians and DJs. At the time, there we not many tools and they hacked Houdini to become as realtime as they could make it. Seeing the need for specialized tools for live performance the group decided to develop a new tool to focus on realtime animation – TouchDesigner.

Supposedly the oldest known screenshot of TouchDesigner on record

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Retrospective about 20 years of TouchDesigner.

The initial goal of making visuals performed to music is now just one part of the bigger picture. Video playback has become an important cornerstone of TouchDesigner technology. The rise of projection mapping and full show control/management have redefined the development over the past few years and made TouchDesigner one of the leading tool for interactive shows and installations.

In addition to the core program you will find lots of helpful tools that have been contributed by an international community of artistic developers who support each other – and soon you! In recent years, the TouchDesigner Summit has become the meeting point for this international community. Head over to the summit page and get to know them: