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WS23 – TD 12 – How To Secure Your Rights in Commercial Projects

Recording of January 17th 2024 in English Language
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While we dedicate time to our artistic practices, administrative topics such as managing clients and contracts might sound remote. Shaking hands could be sufficient when we are engaged in a showcase opportunity, but how do you guarantee on-time payments and no screw-ups? Understanding artist rights in commercial projects is essential to any creative who wants to secure sustainable income and maintain an easy relationship with clients.

We can find the standard definition of artist rights online, but not many explanations on the operational standards from the artist’s perspective, such as:

  • How to deal with the nuance within a project negotiation and secure the maximal benefits
  • What are the different types of commercial engagement and their respective artist rights
  • How to frame your rights and your client’s rights in a specific project
  • When to propose an offer and sign the contract, what are the key terms to be included and reviewed
  • How to set up your work scope and payment schedule
  • What is necessary for post-production

Weihua, with over 10 years of experience in art management, will explain those topics in detail within this module. There will be a 1-hour Q&A session at the end of the module, in which the participants can bring questions related to specific projects.

However, please note this module cannot provide legal advice. Weihua can, however, connect you to an experienced lawyer specializing in the art market if you need legal support for your projects.


This module is made for participants, who plan to pursue art as their professional career or have been engaged in commercial projects based on their creative contribution.

The only technical requirement for this course is access to Zoom.

About the Instructor

Yi Weihua is an art consultant with over 10 years of experience managing public art commissions. Her work covers all areas of art management from curatorial strategy to operational standards and project implementation. Major projects have been delivered internationally in collaboration with public institutions and private clients. Vast experiences give her the knowledge to work efficiently with artists, design professionals, clients, and different stakeholders, as well as to secure the rights and interests of each party within the project.

Weihua graduated from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and holds an MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies. She is currently living and working in Berlin.


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