WS23 – TD 10 – Lighting Design, Visualisation and Performance with GeoPix

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Learn how to leverage the lighting control protocols DMX and ArtNet to control virtually any light fixture and almost everything that can be controlled in a stage / event / show environment. Acquire the knowledge necessary to create custom LED installations, control moving lights, LED walls and screens at the same time and create beautiful content in realtime.

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Recording of December 20th 2023 in English Language
Recordings are available for up to one year after purchase.

Lighting Design, Visualisation and Performance with GeoPix

Learn how to build a custom lighting installation, using moving lights, pixel-mapped led strips and other fixtures, synchronised with realtime video content in GeoPix.

GeoPix 2.0 is a free and open source real-time lighting control and previz software. It’s built in TouchDesigner, with a workflow and UI/UX inspired by 3D animation software.

The primary goal of GeoPix is to unify the process of working with different types of lights, such as led strips, dmx lights, and video surfaces – while streamlining the process of mapping real-time video and generative content onto complex arrays of pixels and lights.

GeoPix bridges the gap between lighting control, and lighting pre-visualization – two tasks that generally require multiple, potentially expensive software & hardware elements.

In this course, Lucas Morgan the developer of GeoPix will take you through the setup of a lighting installation, from planning to pre-visualisation to performance.

Learn how to leverage years of experience, packed into GeoPix, to design and perform complex lighting installations with the functionality of a professional lighting software inside the TouchDesigner ecosystem for the price of a non-commercial TD license: FREE.

About the Instructor

Lucas Morgan is the creator of GeoPix, an LED/DMX Pixel Mapping software built in TouchDesigner. His background is in 3D animation and rendering. He has spent many years building, texturing, and rendering 3D environments in software that includes Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, as well as composting software like Nuke and Composite. In the last five years Morgan shifted his focus to TouchDesigner, building pixel and video mapping projects both large and small for a variety of festivals including Electric Forest and Euphoria, and clients including Imaginex, BRDG, and MOD/OP Films.

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