3 – Feedback Loops / Recording

https://vimeo.com/879972098/83eec5b9a1?share=copy Lesson3_TranscriptionDownload Course Files 02_FEEDBACK_LOOP_LAYOUTDownload 02_WIP_FEEDBACK_LOOPDownload Lesson Overview Today we are going to create an interactive visual using the Mouse input coordinates using Panel CHOP and connecting the movement of

2 – Interactive Chops and Tops / Recording

https://vimeo.com/877667300/d36f478d29?share=copy Lesson2_TranscriptionDownload Course Files 01_RAMP_TOP_COMPOSITEDownload 01_DISPLACE_TOPDownload Lesson Overview Discovering how easy is to Collapse Selected nodes in a Base COMP and create multiple visuals starting from the previous files (or

1 – Kick Off & Introduction / Recording

https://vimeo.com/875355838/7dbfed78a9?share=copy SS23_TD-Beginners_Lesson1_TranscriptDownload Course Files 00_TOP_CIRCLE_LFO_CHOP.toeDownload Lesson Overview In this lesson module we start by getting familiar with the Touchdesigner user interface, exploring the COMP section Panels, Container COMP and learning

8 – The Power of Instancing / December 5th 2023 / Recording

https://vimeo.com/891646837/8f54549d4d?share=copy Lesson8_TranscriptionDownload Course Files 07_INSTANCING_SOUNDREACTIVE_FEEDBACKLOOP_GRID-3Download 07_INSTANCING_SOUNDREACTIVE_AUDIO_ANALYSIS_GRID_BOXDownload 07_INSTANCING_NOISERAMP_GRID_BOXDownload Lesson Overview Today's lesson is about mixing Instancing and what you learned in the previous modules, such as Feedback loop or converting CHOPs

9 – Interactive 3D Animation / December 12th 2023

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85441975096?pwd=Mlp5dWx0aUxnc1RvY0t5VHdvMk1PUT09Password: 471612 Transcription-1Download Course Files 08_INSTANCING_WITH_TOPsDownload 08_WIP_INSTANCING_WITH_TOPsDownload 08_INSTANCING_WITH_TOPs_PLUS_IMAGES_LOCKEDDownload Lesson Overview Today our objective is to build an Instancing using TOPs images or videos and using the pixels' information to deform

4 – Enter 3D Space / Recording

https://vimeo.com/882256492/1fde88ed11?share=copy Lesson4_TranscriptionDownload Course Files 03_GEOMETRY_3DSETUP_Download 03_GEOMETRY_TORUS_TWISTDownload 03_WIP_3D_SETUPDownload Lesson Overview During this session we setup a simple and basic 3D environment using the Geometry, Camera and Light COMP. Focusing our attention

12 – Modular System Architecture / January 16th 2024

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82045831581?pwd=TmZWQ1dWM1NSYndNYTAwYmtJTEE5QT09Password: 541620 Course Files 11_UI_INTERFACEDownload 11_wip_UI_INTERFACEDownload Lesson Overview Today's lesson will focus on the possibility to merge together multiple files, created in the past weeks, and create a more complex

11 – Physics Simulation / January 9th 2024

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86844146269?pwd=d1VGdzRHbmhURmhRVFFabWY2TFgvdz09Password: 182065 Transcription-3Download Course Files 10_NVIDIA_FLOW_EMITTERDownload 10_BULLET_SOLVERDownload 10_wip_BULLET_SOLVER-1Download 10_BULLET_SOLVER_INSTANCING_TUBES-1Download 10_FLEX_SOLVERDownload Lesson Overview Today we start exploring some of the Nvidia physics available to use inside Touchdesigner COMP. The first one

10 – Texture Instancing / December 19th 2023

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86470958957?pwd=YVQ0Q1Aycy9WbHd5VjJTemtNS2hWUT09Password: 701239 Transcription-2Download Course Files 09_TEXTURE_INSTANCINGDownload 09_TEXTURE_INSTANCING_MATRIXDownload Lesson Overview Today's module is about introducing the technique called Texture Instancing. As usual in the first part of the lesson I'm giving

7 – Simple Instancing / November 28th 2023 / Recording

https://vimeo.com/889299343/c393f38523?share=copy Lesson7_TranscriptionDownload Course Files 06_INSTANCING_BASIC_STRUCTUREDownload 06_INSTANCING_RECTANGLEDownload 06_INSTANCING_AIRPLANESDownload Lesson Overview Today we will start playing with a technique called "Instancing". The goal is introducing you a new method to build complex