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vvvv worldwide meetup

12 Jan 2024 , 18:30 21:00 CET

The first vvvvworldwide meetup of the year – January 12th – 7pm Berlin time. This is the meetup for creatives and developers using the visual programming environment vvvv and its visual language VL. Join us IRL at The NODE Institute or online.


This is a community meetup, hence everybody is invited to tell the community about their latest project and outcomes. Anything is possible if its more or less related to vvvv, yourself and your projects. Share some thoughts, share your funny fails. Or just join and vibe with us… Submissions are welcome, please drop us a line: meetup@vvvv.org

Do I need to know vvvv to join this meetup?

No, absolutely not. The presentations will be about projects, patches, plugins or contributions made with or for vvvv, but you do not need to know it to enjoy the meetup.

Confirmed contributions

Studio MUX – Julian Hermann & Lukas Flory

Studio MUX specializes in the complete production of multimedia applications and installations, seamlessly blending the analog and digital worlds for captivating experiences. From digital exhibits to Physical Computing and cutting-edge technologies like AR and VR, they cover the full spectrum of media development, emphasizing both digital and analog materiality. https://studiomux.de

Studio MUX – Photo: Olaf Hirschberg

A generative Life – Susanne Kohl & Thomas Maria Helzle

The two designers from Berlin are working together on projects for 30+ years. They are just as enthusiastic about virtual worlds, graphics and animation as about the very tangible work with wood and other materials.
With a passion for crafting fluid, organic forms in sculptures, product design, and graphics, Thomas creative process involves procedural design and organic complexity using Houdini as well as combining Subdivision Surface Modelling and Nurbs in Rhino.
Susanne is using digital photography, 3D, compositing, drawing, painting, music, sculpture and dance with a multitude of media in traditional and unconventional ways.
Recently, both Thomas and Susanne have been delving into new possibilities with VVVV and FUSE during Genuary. https://SuKoMotion.de & https://ScreenDream.de

Susanne: “Particles – lots of them “

VVVV Group Update by Joreg

Joreg, a vvvv group member, will be giving us a head up on recent developments, including VL.MediaPipe—an integration that brings the powerful capabilities of MediaPipe directly to vvvv. Explore on-device ML solutions, including Object Detection, Image Classification, Gesture Recognition, and more, all seamlessly integrated into the vvvv environment for enhanced creative possibilities.

Image taken from Googles MediaPipe Wesite

Dominik Jančík

Video Sampling Companion for Jacque’s Virtual Inspiration Environment

Created by Dominik Jancik (domj) for Jacque’s Virtual Inspiration Environment, the video sampling companion enables effortless addition of live video to an already complex and bespoke music production setup.

The vvvv gamma companion integrates seamlessly with Max 4 Live devices via OSC and Ableton Link and Resolute Arena via Spout. It handles video sampling, playback and storage in realtime in complete sync with Jacque’s actions on the music production side.

Advanced features such as pre-roll (playing video before the actual audio sample), timestamp based playback or smart output ordering are also included, just like Stride and ImGui based interfaces for monitoring and configuration.

The project took months of close collaboration, iteration and debugging with Jacques and the rest of the creative and technical team consisting of Pierre-Antoine Grison, Yann Navarra and Gregori Erman. It is now ready for the limelight with shows starting on the 11.1.

Screenshot of the project


A random idea from a recent jam made into a real nuget – Automatic AI node creation within vvvv gamma, using OpenAI ChatGPT.

Effortlessly prompt and generate nodes for your creative projects. Novel animation functions, shapes, complex math conversions now at your fingertips in seconds. https://github.com/domjancik/VL.NodeGen

VL.NodeGen in Action

Attending in Berlin:

Doors open: 18:30
Start: 19:00

The NODE Institute
Wipperstrasse 13, 12055 Berlin, Germany

Attending remotely:


Watching only:


Any questions? Get in touch via meetup@vvvv.org. See you there!!

The NODE Institute

Wipperstrasse 13
Berlin, 12055 Germany
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