Tame the Flame in TouchDesigner

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The live webinar has passed, however you can book the course now!

Flow is a realtime combustion simulation that can be used to create near photorealistic flames, fire and smoke. However it is quite difficult to get its countless parameters under control.

This makes it a prime example to illustrate a preset driven workflow that allows artists to combine free flowing exploration with resuable and reliable results.

In this webinar Stefan Kraus will explain which parameters he found useful to unleash the potential for live performance and external control over the flames. With the help of Wieland Hilker (Author of the Alphamoonbase Tau Ceti Preset Engine) he will explain participants how to create beautiful, performable and reproducable results within a reasonable time frame.
Windows Versions only. 

You will learn how to

Create and manipulate photorealistic or surreal flames, smoke and fog with NVIDIA Flow.

Use Custom Parameters and the Tau Ceti Preset System to narrow control down to a few, meaningful parameters.

Turn the effect into a “Smart Content” Package that can run in its own process.


You should be familiar to navigate and work with TouchDesigner. 

As a minimum you should have passed the free Introduction to Touchdesigner Course here.

Flow requires a DX11 capable GPU and Windows.



NVIDIA Flow is a volumetric fluid based simulation of a burning gas system. The user controls the 3 main factors of temperature, fuel, and smoke to create fire and smoke simulations.

While this can useful inside TouchDesigner if you want to speed up your post-processing workflow, what we really want is to squeeze art instead of explosions out of this volumentric generator. 

Presets are the missing link between the free flowing exploration and experimentation that we love in TouchDesigner and the demands of a queued show. Store and recall different states and styles on the fly.

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Media Artist

Director, Scenographer, Artist and Designer but VJ at heart. Co-Founder of The NODE Institute and passionate teacher.

Creative Developer

Developer, Inventor, Technical Director but VJ at heart. Author of many useful components and tireless contributor to the community.

General infos

We take a maximum of 16 participants. The webinar will happen if we have 5 or more participants. The webinar language is english.

For a successful webinar please prepare the following

#A windows machine that has a Nvidia GPU able to run Flow.
#Have a 3 button mouse connected
#Have the lates release of touchdesigner installed
#If you can: Connect a second screen
#Clean desktop from private stuff.
You might be sharing your screen with the other participants.

Where will it happen?

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom. You do not need to install the Zoom App but it will be more comfortable than using it via the browser if you do. You will receive a link to the Webinar with your invoice.

Will there be a recording?

We will record the webinar so can can always come back and revisit the webinar you already paid for.

If you miss the live webinar you will be able to buy access to the recording for a reduced price.

Do you have more Questions?

Please feel free to contact us at