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WS23 – TD 16 – Structuring a TD application for scalability

February 14th 2024, 6 – 9 PM CET
Live via Zoom, in English Language / Recording will be available on February 15th 2023
Recordings are available for up to one year after purchase.

Join Lucas Morgan, who has devoted a significant amount of time to developing complete applications in touchDesigner, including projects such as GeoPix and UberGUI, as he will guide you through leveraging touchDesigner’s efficiencies and navigating around inefficiencies to enhance scalability.

Questions arise, such as whether the application initializes with a blank slate each time or requires loading/saving user scenes or files. Additionally, participants will explore the scenario of multiple components interacting with the same data. To give an example: a scene viewport with clickable 3d objects and a scene outliner may both select and manipulate the same objects. Making changes in one of those views must reflect updates in the other.

Throughout the course, participants will reflect on essential concepts crucial when working on larger applications within a visual programming environment like touchDesigner.

While an attribute editor component may function well with 10 parameters/widgets, what about when dealing with 100 or even 260? Granting users freedom necessitates more robust optimization to anticipate worst-case scenarios.

Although the touchDesigner community broadly grasps the concept of everything being a node or module, designing higher-level components that seamlessly integrate demands cohesion and advanced interface planning. Striking the right balance of consistency and abstraction is crucial.

Data Structures:
Many TouchDesigner users have built tools involving setting constant chops, writing to DAT tables or even Python storage, often simultaneously or selectively. Planning the data format in advance based on scalability expectations and overall functionality is frequently overlooked.

By dissecting Lucas’s past projects, participants will gain insights into setting up complex applications while maintaining performance and usability. As a result of this exploration, Lucas will propose a component-based application framework that participants can leverage for their own projects.

After the live lesson you will get access to the recording and the workshop files for one year.


This module is made for participants, who have a basic understanding of TouchDesigner, but do not need any experience with shader languages. If you just getting started, please visit our Beginners Course first.

  • A recent PC or MAC Computer (discrete GPU recommended) with stable internet connection
  • The latest build of TouchDesigner installed
  • Zoom Client installed (please test your audio setup beforehand)
  • 3-Button Mouse recommended

About the Instructor

Lucas Morgan is the creator of GeoPix, UberGUI, TD-Launcher and many other, non public applications based on touchDesigner. His background is in 3D animation and rendering. He has spent many years building, texturing, and rendering 3D environments in software that includes Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, as well as composting software like Nuke and Composite. In the last five years Morgan shifted his focus to TouchDesigner, building pixel and video mapping projects both large and small for a variety of festivals including Electric Forest and Euphoria, and clients including Imaginex, BRDG, and MOD/OP Films.


Student – One Session at 50 EUR = 50 EUR
Professional – One Session at 100 EUR = 100 EUR
Company -One Session at 200 EUR = 200 EUR