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WS23 – TD 09 – Tracking Sensors and Processing in TD

Recording of December 13th 2023 in English Language
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Depth cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect or the Oak-D, along with LIDAR sensors, can enhance the capabilities of your TouchDesigner system by providing an additional layer of perception. These sensors can gather valuable information about the surrounding space, enabling developers to track and understand the movements of individuals within interactive installations. The Oak-D camera, for instance, even supports object recognition and various computer vision applications directly within the camera itself.

Interactive Performance by Ekin Bernay at
Tracking programmed by Wieland Hilker and Daniel Molnar

Although setting up depth cameras and LIDAR sensors in conjunction with TouchDesigner may initially appear straightforward, they come with several limitations, and achieving smooth and dependable results can be quite challenging. Raw sensor data requires substantial processing, often necessitating the inclusion of intricate programming logic to make it genuinely beneficial for interactive experiences.

In this module, special emphasis will be placed on LIDAR sensors, as they become more accessible with the emergence of cost-effective options. Simultaneously, the data derived from these devices may demand significant CHOP (Channel Operator) processing to be effectively utilized. The module will also cover highly requested techniques such as aligning Kinect world coordinates with point clouds and related CHOP operations. It will also delve into the advantages and disadvantages of different depth camera products, offering valuable insights into the limitations and possibilities that these devices bring to your TouchDesigner projects.

It’s worth noting that this module is designed to cater to participants who may not possess their own devices, ensuring accessibility for all.


This module is made for participants, who have a basic understanding of TouchDesigner, but do not need any experience with shader languages. If you just getting started, please visit our Beginners Course first.

MAC users beware!
Many depth cameras, namely the Kinects will not work with MacOS.

About the Instructor

Daniel Molnar aka Function Store is a freelance TouchDesigner developer and artist based in Berlin, working on interactive installations and audio-visual artworks across the globe. He has a professional background in software development, produces music and shares components and techniques on his YouTube channel and Patreon. Besides making art and developing systems, he has a passion for tool development and maintains the public GitHub repo FunctionStore_tools that contain many workflow hacks to TouchDesigner.


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