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WS23 -TD 06+07 – Advanced GLSL Shader Programming

Image by Josef Pelz

Lesson 1 – Recording of November 22nd 2023 in English Language
Lesson 2 – Recording of November 29th 2023 in English Language
Recordings are available for one year after purchase.

You have started to use GLSL shaders in TouchDesigner, maybe you even attended VanTa’s introduction? Then this is the right place to continue and learn how to further leverage the computational power of the GPU to create beauty.

In this two-session module, Josef Pelz is going to show how you can take inspiration from mathematical formulas and use them to create simulations and particle systems, that have some kind of behavior, which makes them a great ingredient to interactive installations, live performances or just a lot of fun to play with.

Learn how to create a simple cloth simulation with surprisingly few lines of code. Better yet, understand how representing and manipulating abstract data in textures is key to make even complex simulations run in realtime.


If you are new to shaders, we recommend taking this introduction module by VanTa first.

About the Instructor

Josef Pelz is a generative and media artist with a background in mathematical visualization and computer science. Inspired by physics, emerging behavior and algorithms, he links his passion for problem solving and aesthetics. He pursues real-time implementations to develop intuition through interaction. Josef is a well known contributor to the TouchDesigner community, which he spoils with beautiful components like the serum system and the constraint simulation tool.


Student – Two Sessions at 50 EUR each = 100 EUR
Professional – Two Sessions at 100 EUR each = 200 EUR
Company – Two Sessions at 250 EUR each = 500 EUR