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WS23 – TD 01 – Motion Tracking & MediaPipe

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Dive into the world of motion tracking and real-time interaction via Google’s MediaPipe toolkit. Using just a webcam, you’ll uncover the intricacies of hand and face tracking, pose estimation, object recognition, and video segmentation.

Join Torin, as he explores the MediaPipe TouchDesigner Plugin, an open-source project he created in collaboration with Dom Scott. Designed with GPU acceleration on both Mac and PC, this toolkit eliminates the need for any custom installation.

Throughout this course, we’ll focus on utilizing motion tracking to control live visuals and audio, crafting dynamic and responsive installations and environments. Additionally, we’ll look into some of the inner workings of the MediaPipe TouchDesigner Plugin.


This module is made for participants, who have a basic understanding of TouchDesigner, but do not need any experience with shader languages. If you just getting started, please visit our Beginners Course first.

About the Instructor

Torin Blankensmith is a Creative Technologist, Educator, and Real-Time Graphics Artist specializing in creating restorative mixed-reality installations and interactive experiences. As Associate Director of Technology at Studio Elsewhere, he crafts immersive environments for medical staff, patients, and children in clinical settings. Torin has taught courses at The New School on advanced creative coding, interactive and immersive environments with TouchDesigner, and adaptive technology. Focusing on open-source creative tools, Torin, alongside Peter Whidden, co-created Shader Park – a library for developing shaders using JavaScript. He also co-created an open-source plugin with Dom Scott porting MediaPipe’s task visions to TouchDesigner. Collaborations throughout Torin’s career have involved clients like The Google Creative Lab, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and The Nobel Foundation.


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