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Register now and get started with creative coding using the visual programming environment vvvv gamma and get equipped with new skills for your own projects.

This semester-long course is designed for students and professionals alike and as a weekly add-on to your studies or work. You will be a class of learners from different countries and backgrounds, united by the goal to learn a new creative coding tool to use in your career. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, a musician, an architect, a programmer, an event technician or any other curious mind. In any case, you should have a desire for a creative process while learning a new tool.

In 12 sessions you will learn all the basics of programming in vvvv. In the first sessions you will approach the tool and its functionality by creating small playful interactive example programs through which you will explore different vvvv methodologies and hot topics like machine learning, camera tracking, game logics, music visualization.

In the second block you will be diving into what makes vvvv special, i.e. that it is not only a tool but also allows you to apply modern programming language concepts to create more complex and stable programs. In the third block there is time and space for topics on demand and individual consultations.

Your instructor:

You’ll be taught by Rosi Grillmair, artist and coding/”node”ing – nerd as well as long term vvvv community member. She is an excellent educator in the field of interactive media, community driven programming tools and artistic installations. Her sessions will be a mix of introductory lectures, hands-on tutorials and enough time for your questions and in-depth discussions. There will be guest lectures and input by other instructors and vvvv experts as well.


The course takes place every monday at 19:00 CET and lasts 90 minutes. Please see the course outline for detailed schedule. This is a private class and the zoom link will be accessible for class members only. Recordings of the live sessions will be accessible only for the participants for their personal review.

Who is it for?

⇒ All sorts of creatives and tech people alike
⇒ The ones afraid of coding, who want to try visual programming instead
⇒ The ones annoyed by coding, who want to try visual programming instead
⇒ The ones on the search for a multipurpose toolkit for their interactive installations
⇒ The curious, who are interested in adding a new tool to their toolbox
⇒ The artistic ones who find inspiration in nature and technology

You will learn:

⇒ Everything you need to know and learn about vvvv before entering specific intermediate or advanced vvvv topics.


⇒ Windows PC
⇒ 3 button mouse
⇒ Please download and install the latest release of vvvv gamma from
⇒ No prior knowledge of vvvv needed

For a successful class please prepare the following

⇒ Connect to the zoom with a Windows machine
⇒ If you can: Connect a second screen. Put the presenters screen left and patch your vvvv patches on the right. Or vice versa.
⇒ Clean the desktop from private stuff. You might be sharing your screen with the others.

Where do we meet?

We will meet in zoom calls. The URLs will be shared within the sessions of this course.

General Info:

The class runs every monday from 19:00 – 20:30 CET
We take a maximum of 25 participants.
The class will happen if we have 5 or more participants.
The class language is english.

What is vvvv?

vvvv gamma is a visual-first live programming environment. Its visual language VL combines metaphors known from dataflow, functional and object oriented programming. There is no need to write any code, even if you extend the functionalities from your own needs. To give you an idea of the areas vvvv can be helpful in, here is a list of buzz words vvvv is often associated with:

⇒ Interactive Installations
⇒ Generative Design
⇒ Interaction Design
⇒ Data Visualization
⇒ Computer Vision
⇒ Rapid Prototyping
⇒ Physical Computing
⇒ Projection Mapping
⇒ Realtime Particle Animations, Point cloud renderings, Signed Distance Fields, Instanced Graphics, Sound Synthesis

Besides staying true to its nature of being a an easy to use and quick prototyping environment, vvvv gammas programming language VL comes with modern features, combining concepts of dataflow and object oriented programming and serves as a fully fledged .NET programming language and takes your project from prototype to production.

⇒ Define your own datatypes (Classes and Records)
⇒ Composed Datatypes (Spread of Spread,..)
⇒ No more binsizes needed
⇒ Loops to iterate within one frame
⇒ Generics
⇒ Delegates
⇒ Reactive programming
⇒ Async data processing (multi-threading)
⇒ Easy caching of expensive operations
Use any Input/Output like MQTT, RestAPI, TCP, OSC, Serial Ports etc.

vvvv is a visual live-programming environment with a focus on creative coding. It is used in production as well as prototyping and specifically lends itself to education due to the following:

⇒ It is free for educational use without any restrictions
⇒ It is quick and easy to install, with no copy protection or need for registration
⇒ It comes with extensive documentation, accessible right from an integrated Help Browser
⇒ It connects to most popular protocols and devices
⇒ It allows to teach programming concepts like object oriented programming and dataflow in a visual way
While being a visual language, it can easily be extended via C# and the use of .NET Nugets
All of its libraries are open-source, thus can be inspected and learned from.

Its only caveat: As of now, vvvv still only runs on Windows. While we’re already working towards supporting other platforms we cannot give a specific date yet when this will be possible. Please keep an eye on the roadmap for staying up to date.