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VVVV Beginner Class
Summer 2024

Online Lessons via Zoom / In English Language
April 29th 2024 until July 22nd 2024 6-9 PM (UTC+2)
12 weekly modules at three hours each
Always on Mondays

Every lesson will be available as a recording the day after the live lesson and for one year after purchase.

This semester-long live class is designed for students and professionals alike and as a weekly add-on to your studies or work. You will be a group of learners from different countries and backgrounds, united by the goal to learn a new creative coding tool to use in your career. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, a musician, an architect, a programmer, an event technician or any other curious mind. In any case, you should have a desire for a creative process while learning a new tool.

In 12 sessions you will learn all the basics of programming in vvvv gamma. The course covers everything you need to know to start your vvvv career and entering specific intermediate or advanced vvvv topics.

Good to know

⇒ There is no prior knowledge of vvvv needed.
⇒ We will meet in zoom calls. The URLs will be shared within the sessions of this course.
⇒ vvvv runs on Windows only. Please connect to zoom with a Windows machine.
⇒ Make sure you have a 3 button mouse attached.
⇒ Recordings of the live sessions will be accessible only for the participants for their personal review.
⇒ The class will happen if we have 10 or more participants.

YOUR Instructors

Christoph Ignaz Kirmaier aka chk is a musician, multimedia artist, educator and co-founder of the Vienna and Berlin based Studio 3e8. In the past years he has worked all across large-scale corporate multimedia installations, sound design, generative graphics, electronics, animation, music videos, user experience and robotic prototypes in several companies, bands and collectives. Christoph is teaching vvvv at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten in the course of the master digital design, and is currently also studying himself at the Tangible Music Lab in Linz in the master programme Postdigital Lutherie.

Two sessions will be taken over by Rosi Grillmair aka remony, artist and coding/”node”ing – nerd as well as long term vvvv community member. She is an excellent educator in the field of interactive media, community driven programming tools and artistic installations. Her sessions are a mix of playful lectures, hands-on tutorials and enough time for your questions and in-depth discussions.

Why should I learn vvvv?

If you want to learn an extremely granular node-based programming tool that doesn’t tie you to the vendor ecosystem, but instead is open and extensible, then vvvv is for you.

Its made for those who want to develop premier league real-time graphics while developing their own workflows and tools. Made for those who want to connect everything to everything else without limitations. Because if a particular integration is not yet available, then just get the appropriate .net sdk and swhoosh… you have more nodes in the node browser than before, ready to be connected.

vvvv is a visual live programming environment with a focus on creative coding. You will solve any task between prototyping and and final production with ease since vvvv’s visual language VL combines metaphors known from dataflow, functional and object oriented programming. For visual output you can leverage the benefits of a game engine and a visual programing language combined. There is no need to write any code, even if you extend the functionalities to your own needs.

⇒ It is free for personal and educational use without any restrictions
⇒ It is quick and easy to install, with no copy protection or need for registration
⇒ It comes with an accessible integrated Help Browser
⇒ It connects to most popular protocols and devices
⇒ It exports patches as executables so you can hand them over to your clients

To give you an idea of the areas in which vvvv is widely used, here is a list of buzz words vvvv is often associated with:

Interactive Installations, Physical Computing, Generative Design, Interaction Design, Data Visualization, Computer Vision, Rapid Prototyping, Projection Mapping, Realtime Visuals and Sound (Particles, Signed Distance Fields, Instanced Graphics etc.)

It is used by designers, artists and technologists in all kinds of media installations.
Here is what people do with it:

Besides staying true to its nature of being a an easy to use and quick prototyping environment, vvvv gammas programming language VL comes with modern features, combining concepts of dataflow and object oriented programming and serves as a fully fledged .NET programming language and takes your project from prototype to production. For the ones interested programming specific features, here is a small list of things you can expect when patching vvvv.

⇒ Combine object oriented programming with dataflow
⇒ Define your own datatypes (Classes and Records)
⇒ Composed Datatypes (Spread of Spread,..)
⇒ Loops to iterate within one frame
⇒ Work with Generics and Delegates
⇒ Reactive programming
⇒ Async data processing (multi-threading)
⇒ Easy caching of expensive operations
⇒ Use any Input/Output like MQTT, RestAPI, TCP, OSC, Serial Ports etc.
While being a visual language, it can easily be extended via C# and the use of .NET Nugets. All of its libraries are open-source, thus can be inspected and learned from.

Its only caveat: As of now, vvvv still only runs on Windows. While we’re already working towards supporting other platforms we cannot give a specific date yet when this will be possible. Please keep an eye on the roadmap for staying up to date.

Flexible Pricing

As with all our courses, we offer three pricing categories to accommodate the different economic value this course can have to different participants. Be fair and respect our work and the instructors by doing the right thing! Assess your situation and choose which ticket is right for you.

– Student & Hobbyist
You are currently studying or want to learn TouchDesigner for personal reasons that are not related to your source of income.

– Professional
You are working professionally as a self employed or freelancing person and want to learn TouchDesigner to advance your career and win new customers by expanding your skills.
Maybe you work as an employee in another field, but want to qualify yourself for new challenges, yet your company is not supporting you on this path.

You are employed with or are running a company that will leverage the new skills acquired in their work with clients. You want to further qualify your employees and support them on their learning path.

*Corporate Responsibility
When you purchase a Company seat, you not only provide access for yourself or your employee, but you also support a participant from a developing country or someone in financial need who otherwise couldn’t afford the course. Each company ticket includes a scholarship for someone to benefit from this opportunity.

Student – 12 Modules at 30 EUR each = 360 EUR / BUY NOW!
Professional – 12 Modules at 60 EUR each = 720 EUR / BUY NOW!
Company – 12 Modules at 120 EUR each = 1440 EUR / BUY NOW!

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