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Introduction to Shaders in VVVV
VVVV Intermediates Summer 2024

Credit: Alvaro Martin Treviño

May 16th 2024, 6 – 9 PM (UTC+2)
In English Language / Online via Zoom

Recordings are available and accessible for one year after purchase.

This course is part of the VVVV Intermediate Program of Summer Season 2024.
This course is part of a Stride Bundle consisting of 5 courses all together.

Join us for an immersive introduction to shader writing in vvvv using SDSL, an extension of HLSL. Tebjan, the main VL.Stride developer and an expert on the GPU pipeline considers SDSL as one of the most powerful shading languages in existence.

But before we dive into SDSL, Tebjan will provide you with a solid understanding of the graphics pipeline and the basics of shaders in vvvv generally. Building upon this foundation, we’ll explore ShaderFX, which generalizes the node-based material and visual effects editing approach. This hidden gem is found within the experimental section of the node browser. It allows you to seamlessly work with CPU and GPU data on the same canvas in real-time – vvvv style.

The workshop will focus on harnessing the power and flexibility of ShaderFX for modular shader development. Learn to write concise code snippets and leverage inheritance for building complex shader systems.

Workshop Highlights

  • Dive into the fundamentals of shader writing in vvvv using SDSL.
  • Explore ShaderFX for modular shader development and its benefits.
  • Master the art of writing small, efficient code snippets for shaders.
  • How ShaderFX relates to FUSE
  • Understand how to use inheritance to create and manage complex shader systems.
  • Gain practical experience with extending materials and implementing compute shaders with ShaderFX.

Key Concepts Covered:

  • Overview of SDSL and its integration into vvvv through the Stride game engine.
  • Understanding the power and flexibility of ShaderFX for shader development.
  • Hands-on examples and exercises focusing on practical applications of ShaderFX.


  • This workshop is designed for participants with a basic understanding of VVVV. Familiarity with patching with VVVV and VL.Stride is an advantage.
  • Willingness to engage in hands-on exercises and experimentation.
  • Laptop with a stable internet connection.
  • A recent PC with stable internet connection. vvvv runs on Windows only
  • The latest stable build of vvvv gamma installed
  • VisualStudio Code with the ShaderLanguage Support installed as mentioned here.
  • ShaderExplorer installed.
  • Zoom Client installed (please test your audio setup beforehand)
  • 3-Button Mouse recommended

Join us for an enriching learning experience and unlock the full potential of shader writing in vvvv with ShaderFX! Whether you’re new to shader programming or looking to enhance your skills, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical techniques to elevate your shader development journey.

About the Instructor

Tebjan Halm (aka @tonfilm) has studied mathematics and computer science and is closely related to the vvvv group as a core developer since 2004. He is an xperienced Research And Development Specialist with a long history of working in the field of creative coding. Strong research professional skilled in User Experience, C#, Delphi, HLSL, User Interface Design, 3D, VR, AR and Animation. He also does contract work as a software consultant and developer of media projects for several agencies in Europe.


Student – One Session at 50 EUR = 50 EUR
Professional – One Session at 100 EUR = 100 EUR
Company – One Session at 200 EUR = 200 EUR

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