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SS24 – TD 11 – chainGPU for Physical Simulation

July 17th 2024, 6 – 9 PM (UTC+2)
In English Language / Online via Zoom

Recordings are available and accessible for one year after purchase.

By running physics calculations on the GPU, we are able to animate thousands of hairs, leaves, stems, or any other element that can be modelled as a series of segments. Resulting into complex and natural looking behaviour. 

Using chainGpu we will learn how to make advanced simulations without having to write any physics code ourselves. You will learn how to use the strengths of the tool, and how to prepare your scene to blend well with other elements, as well as incorporate collisions and forces. Our focus will be on world-building and how to utilise chainGPU to create an environment that feels organic.

If you want to check out chainGPU beforehand, you can download it here:


If you are new to shaders, we recommend taking this introduction module by VanTa first.

About the Instructor

Mickey van Olst

Mickey van Olst is an art director, artist and creative technologist whose work centers on exploring the potential and surprising aspects of integrating technology into an artistic context. As an experienced generalist he works with a variety of environments, such as WebGL, GLSL, C++ and Java. Mickey also has extensive experience in creating art installations and experimental instruments where he has developed custom hardware and electronics for spatial narratives through the use of PCB design, hardware prototyping and kinetics.

As an educator, Mickey co-directed the Exploring Technology course at Hyper Island in Stockholm, where he’s helped introduce over 400 students to creative technology since 2015. An avid and experienced TouchDesigner user, Mickey released “chainGPU,” a powerful physics simulator tool built for TouchDesigner that is freely accessible on github.


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