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SS24 – TD 05+06 – Advanced GLSL 1+2 – 3D Textures and Volumetrics

2 weekly sessions on May 29th 2024 and June 5th 2024 (6-9 PM UTC+2)
In English Language / Online via Zoom

Recordings are available and accessible for one year after purchase.

You’ve begun to utilise GLSL shaders in TouchDesigner, perhaps even attending VanTa’s introduction? If so, this is the ideal place to continue your journey and learn how to further harness the computational power of the GPU to create stunning visuals.

In this two-session module, Josef Pelz will use 3D textures as a platform to establish the groundwork for employing advanced techniques in GLSL that transcend mere two-dimensional imagery. Along the way, Josef will show how 3D textures prove invaluable in various scenarios, aiding in the creation of interactive installations, live performances, and visual exploration.

Discover how to construct a straightforward ray marching renderer with surprisingly minimal lines of code. Furthermore, grasp how representing and manipulating abstract data within 3D textures is pivotal for enabling even complex simulations to run in real-time.


If you are new to shaders, we recommend taking this introduction module by VanTa first.

About the Instructor

Josef Pelz

Josef Pelz is a generative and media artist with a background in mathematical visualization and computer science. Inspired by physics, emerging behavior and algorithms, he links his passion for problems solving and aesthetics. He pursues real-time implementations to develop intuition through interaction.

Josef is a well known contributor to the TouchDesigner community, which he spoils with beautiful components like the serum system and the constraint simulation tool.


Student – Two Sessions at 50 EUR each = 100 EUR
Professional – Two Sessions at 100 EUR each = 200 EUR
Company – Two Sessions at 250 EUR each = 500 EUR