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SS23 – VVVV – 01 – Creating an App from Scratch

May 4th 2023 6-9 PM (CET) / In English Language / Online via Zoom

We’ll patch a small App from zero to .exe. Our widget library of choice will be VL.ImGui. If you were ever scared about the Reactive-Observable-Woodoo, then Channels are your friends: so easy to set up, notify and react to whatever a user wants from your app. We’ll use them to bind the UI and the App’s brains.

What you will learn

  • How fast it is to click together a UI by using VL.ImGui library
  • How to wire that UI to an App’s brain by using Channels
  • Update, Load and Save an app’s state / its settings
  • Enrich a UI with custom 2D graphics (rendered with Skia)
  • Combine the UI with 3D graphics (rendered with Stride)
  • Tips & tricks about using VL.ImGui

Who is it for?

Everybody who has a quick and useful app in mind, that is just waiting to be patched and exported.

Presumed knowledge

A basic understanding of VLs language methodologies (pads, regions, spreads) is needed!


  • Windows Computer
  • A 3 button mouse
  • We recommend you to use an external monitor connected to your laptop or PC, this would help you to follow the instructors screen while you patch along on your own device.
  • The instructor might ask you to share your screen, therefore it is recommended to remove personal data from your desktop.

Your instructor

Anton Mezhiborskiy aka unton likes when code drives images. He believes that even the most complicated things in the world can be explained easily when drawn and animated. After years of working as a designer for various agencies he has joined vvvv to develop documentation and tutorials.