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SS23 – vvvv – MiDi & Sequencing tools

One lesson recording in English Language

In this session we are going to get familiar with MiDi controllers, MiDi messages and the building blocks of a sequencer. You can attend this workshop online via zoom, or at the NODE Institute in Berlin in person. In case you want to take part in Berlin, write an email to

You can bring your own MiDi Device. It is not a requirement though, and you can also follow the workshop without a physical MiDi Device connected to your computer.

What you will learn:

  • To connect your MiDi controller in order to control your parameters in vvvv, to generate MiDi messages to control and play sounds with any external MiDi hardware device or software capable of understanding this kind of messages.

Who is it for?

Users that want to get deeper into MiDi and Sequencers (not stricktly musical).

Presumed knowledge

  • Intermediate vvvv level is enough, and a bit of knowledge about MiDi is always welcome but not mandatory.


  • Windows Computer
  • A 3 button mouse
  • We recommend you to use an external monitor connected to your laptop or PC, this would help you to follow the instructors screen while you patch along on your own device.
  • The instructor might ask you to share your screen, therefore it is recommended to remove personal data from your desktop.

Your instructor

Arístides García

Arístides García
aka lasal,
Born 1976 in Tenerife (Spain), long term vvvv user Arístides is a ‘diplomate building engineer’. Since 2009 he is living in Berlin and working as computer artist in the field of Generative-Interactive Design. In recent years he has developed audiovisual sequencers inspired by the abstraction ‘the sound of the geometry’, parametric design tools to produce cardboard artworks, music visualizations, multi-projection setups for audiovisual shows, and interactive environments for dance performances, among others.

Arístides works as a freelance with agencies artists and companies, in the field of generative & interactive design.