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30 vvvv workshops. 90 hours of learning. This incredible pack was recorded at NODE20 Forum for digital Arts. Brought to you by the NODE Institute together with the most experienced vvvv instructors and the vvvv developers.

By buying this bundle you are supporting to finance the festival edition and the work of the instructors. Thank you!

Visuals with VVVV beta

Having a Field Day
Workshop by Kyle McLean

FieldTrip is a vvvv beta pack for working with 2D and 3D scalar and vector fields. Think generative patterns, agents, procedural noise and 3D graphics beyond the triangle. This workshop will provide you with a collection of useful working examples as well as an understanding of the library and how to use it for your own projects.

Procedural Graphics with Field Trip
Workshop by Takuma Nakata

In this workshop, we will be learning how to constantly produce procedural graphics using the FieldTrip pack.
VVVVj starter pack
Workshop by Ekaterina Danilova

This workshop will cover the basics of VJing using vvvv as a platform. Attendees will be provided with an initial VJing setup with generative examples, postFX and a complete composition system, which they can customize for their own needs.

Learning the all new VVVV gamma

Getting Started

Introduction to vvvv for Designers
Workshop by Joreg

Get started with the all-new visual live-programming environment vvvv gamma. In this workshop we’re starting from scratch. Here you’ll learn the basics to then explore vvvv further into one of the areas it is generally associated with: #generativedesign, #interactiondesign, #datavizualization, #computervision, #rapidprototyping, #physicalcomputing, #projectionmapping, #audiovisual, #realtimeanimations
Introduction to vvvv for Coders
Workshop by Elias Holzer

In this workshop we’re showing you the fundamentals to get you started so you can then explore vvvv further into one of the areas it is generally associated with: #generativedesign, #interactiondesign, #datavizualization, #computervision, #rapidprototyping, #physicalcomputing, #projectionmapping, #audiovisual, #realtimeanimations
Introduction to vvvv
VideoFX & Compositing
Workshop by Maria Heine

Get a short introduction to vvvv and learn how to use chains of visual effects to get from zero to wow within minutes – Real-time graphics for beginners.

Diving into Topics

Beyond Sound and Visual
Workshop by Natan Sinigaglia

This workshop is for artists, musicians, creative coders, professionals, students, designers, and whoever is interested in creating audio-visual content using vvvv.
Introduction to Computer Vision
Workshop by Randall Vásquez

Computer vision covers a wide range of topics, from simple filtering and transformation of images, to more complex things like object and contour detection, to even more complex topics like AI driven face and object recognition.
State of Machine Learning in vvvv
Talk by Hayden Anyasi

This talk looks back over a few years of swimming against the tide of Python to make machine learning a technology easy to use with vvvv.
Create a Learning Game for your Kids
Talk by Anton Mezhiborskiy

While designing a learning app for kids, you will learn object-oriented patching patterns along the way. We will go from 0 to exe in 3 hours.

Generative Design Algorithms
Workshop by Amir Bastan

Despite the wide range of the term, we will introduce you to the fundamentals as well as simple tips and tricks. Then is your turn to compose your own generative graphics without writing a single line of code and let your computer do what it is good at: randomness and repetition.
Machine Learning with RunwayML
Workshop by Seb Escudié

IIn this workshop, we’ll get familiar with RunwayML, a tool dedicated to artists willing to use machine learning models in their workflow. Using the vvvv implementation, VL.RunwayML, we’ll see how easy it is to integrate an existing model in our patches.
Let’s Interact with Electronics, wirelessly using ESP8266/ESP32
Workshop by Andres Alvarez

We will learn how to program and interact with the most powerful SoC ESP8266/ESP32 (like an Arduino on steroids) that talks WiFi with lots of I/O pins, using different kinds of sensors to make new hardware interactions, using vvvv in the most easy and effortless way possible, with ready to use code.
Audible Data
Workshop by Quadrature

Everyone can make numbers look interesting – but let’s learn how to make them sound vvvvonderful! This workshop will focus on something vvvv is – frankly speaking – not focused on: audio processing.
Networking Protocols
Workshop by Matthias Husinsky

In this workshop, we will have a look at the most relevant network protocols that are common in media applications to make things talk.
Remote Cocreation
Workshop by Anna Meik

Creative Coding is about finding inspiration in the process of work. Add a few friends to this process and it is going to be even more inspiring! This workshop gathers participants from all over the world to work together on one patch.

3D Graphics

Realtime Graphics with Stride 3D
Workshop by Joreg

vvvv has just adopted the powerful realtime 3D graphics engine Stride 3D. In this workshop, we are looking at its basic concepts and learn to set up a scene with geometries, lights and material.
Patching Materials
Workshop by Anton Mezhiborskiy

Materials define the appearance of 3D model surfaces and how they react to light. They can affect both the geometry of a model and its colors and multiple material layers can be combined to build more complex materials. In this workshop, we’re going to explore the node set that allows us to patch custom materials.

VL.Stride Deepdive
Workshop by Tebjan Halm

This workshop is for advanced users and vvvv professionals who want to get an overview of all the shiny new possibilities. Experience with the vvvv beta dx11 pack or other 3d rendering APIs is a big plus.
Working with the Stride GameStudio
Workshop by Marian Dziubiak

Stride is an open-source C# game engine for realistic rendering and VR. But how to get started? In this workshop we’ll go through the basics of getting Stride, managing projects, importing assets and creating and controlling entities in a scene.
A preview to ShaderFX
Workshop by Tebjan Halm

Visual shader patching? Yes, please! These days, all major game engines have node-based material and/or visual effects editors. And their common purpose is to provide a way to work creatively with CPU and GPU data. The experimental ShaderFX in VL.Stride generalizes this approach and takes it one step further. You work with CPU & GPU data and operations on the same canvas, at runtime – vvvv style.

VL Language & Methodologies

Object Oriented Patching
Workshop by Joreg

Visualprogramming is often equivalent to dataflow programming. With VL though, you can also use metaphors known from object-oriented programming. This means that with VL you can define your own datatypes, instantiate them, manage them in collections and call individual operations on instances. Being able to use those fundamental principles of OOP will change the way you think about patching.
Turning a .NET library into a VL library
Talk by Elias Holzer

In this workshop, we’ll guide you through the whole process of turning a .NET class library into an easy-to-use node library for VL.
Making of Schéma
Workshop by Dominik Jančík

Schéma is a visual programming environment created in a visual programming environment, namely vvvv gamma. Learn how this is made.

Introduction to Reactive Patching ⁠
Workshop by Tebjan Halm

Despite the wide range of the term, we will introduce you to the fundamentals as well as simple tips and tricks. Then is your turn to compose your own generative graphics without writing a single line of code and let your computer do what it is good at: randomness and repetition.
Building Systems with VL
Workshop by Sebastian Gregor

We’ll explore some of the underlying ideas that helped shaping the patches of some VL libraries or projects. The birds eye view will provide us with different perspectives onto one topic. Sometimes we’ll think in terms of a designer, a user, a programmer or a software architect.
We’ll cover topics like
Building UI’s with VL.Elementa
Workshop by Aristides Garcia & Seb Escudié

In this introductory workshop we’ll explore the functionalities and widgets you can find in the UI library VL.Elementa
Using .NET NuGets
Workshop by Seb Escudié

You’ve heard that with vvvv you can simply use any of the more than 100.000 .NET libraries available on In this workshop, we’ll show you how easy it is to do that and how to navigate common issues that you may encounter doing so. With simple hands-on examples, we’ll see how using .NET nugets can tremendously help us in our daily patching.
The vvvv API
Workshop by Sebastian Gregor

In this workshop we will be diving into the VL runtime API that allows a library to feel native VL.
DevOps vvvv – Installation Infrastructure Maintenance
Workshop by Anton Kalabukhov

We are going to deep-dive on to maintaining large scale vvvv installations. Topics: vvvv, w32tm, PHP, Postrgres, Redis, Elastic, Docker, Ubuntu, nginx, smbd, PDQ, Zabbix, Powershell