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If you haven’t heard of vvvv before, please read the Introduction for Creative Coders section in the documentation. 

Since vvvv has a wide range of applications, there are many different learning paths and hence there is no one way of teaching it. Depending on the goal of a course and the background of your students and yourself, there will be different topics to cover and ways to teach.

So rather than teaching a specific method, this course is meant to give you a solid understanding of vvvv to make you confident in teaching it in your own way. Therefore in this course you’ll not only learn how to use vvvv but we’ll also give you some background info on why things are designed the way they are. By explicitly targeting educators, this course will focus more on giving a broader understanding of concepts and getting an overview of possibilities rather than simply solving specific problems. 

You’ll be taught by the developers of vvvv and experts from the community. Sessions will be a mix of introductory lectures, hands-on tutorials and enough time for your questions and in-depth discussions.

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically targeted at people who are teaching creative coding, interactive media or related courses and are ideally affiliated with an educational institution. 

With programming tools and languages it is important to learn to choose the right one for the task at hand. The educators this course is aiming at are curious to learn a new tool and with it a new perspective on programming to then share with their students. 

What is vvvv?

vvvv is a visual live-programming environment with a focus on creative coding. It is used in production as well as prototyping and specifically lends itself to education due to the following:

⇒ It is free for educational use without any restrictions
⇒ It is quick and easy to install, with no copy protection or need for registration
⇒ It comes with extensive documentation, accessible right from an integrated Help Browser
⇒ It connects to most popular protocols and devices
⇒ While being a visual language, it can easily be extended via C# and the use of .NET Nugets
⇒It allows to teach programming concepts like object oriented programming and dataflow in a visual way
⇒ All of its libraries are open-source, thus can be inspected and learned from.

Its only caveat: As of now, vvvv still only runs on Windows. While we’re already working towards supporting other platforms we cannot give a specific date yet when this will be possible. Please keep an eye on our roadmap for staying up to date.

This is a private and closed course

This course contains the recordings of the live sessions and is only accessible for the participants of the live sessions for their personal review