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This workshop is for interaction designers who work with the visual programming environment vvvv. Learn to make vvvv talk with Wekinator, MS Lobe and RunwayML.

The online workshop by french creative coder Seb Escudié will introduce you to tools enabling you to leverage machine learning capabilities in your own vvvv patches.

The three hour workshop was recorded live on April 30th 2021 from the live workshop.

As the name of the workshop suggests, we’ll talk about machine learning through the prism of interactive installations. We won’t go into much details inside the math behind it. This is actually the whole point of this webinar: there are some tools out there that can help us leverage the capabilities of machine learning without having to know too much about what’s under the hood.

Through a series of practical examples (and a tiny bit of theory!), we’ll try to understand what machine learning is, and how using it can help us in our everyday patching life, and allow us to do things that would be very tedious to do without it.

You will learn:​

# What are machine learning and deep learning
# Use RunwayML trained model in your vvvv patches
# Talk to the Wekinator
# Train your own models with Microsoft Lobe

Your Instructor:​

Seb Escudié

You are learning directly from creative technologist Seb Escudié (sebescudie), a french creative coder and back-end developer who has done many interactive vvvv installations. Seb is contributing to the development of VL.Elementa, a GUI library for the VL programming language, as well as wrapping many libraries for VVVV Gamma, as you can see on his github profile.

Prerequisites & preperation:

# A basic using/understanding of vvvv gamma is enough to attend this workshop: creating nodes, IOBoxes, understand input and output pins, and then installing nugets. Have a look here
First contact :
Install nugets :

# Install vvvv gamma from
# Create an account for
# Install The Wekinator from here:
# Install Microsoft LOBE from

# Use a Windows PC
# Use a 3 button mouse.
# Put the video left and patch your vvvv patches on the right. Or vice versa.