March 14th 2022

Topics Covered:

  • Revisited Mqtt Wildcard retrieval and looked at an alternative approach to using a MutableDictionary: use the Sampler [Reactive] to get all items received since the last frame and insert those into a Dictionary
  • Overview of projection mapping solutions available via the VL.BadMapper package:¬†
    • 2d mapping using homography approach: QuadMapping and CircleMapping nodes to crop parts from a texture and map those to a screen using 4-point homography distortion¬†
    • 3d mapping using projector calibration: Using the ProjectorCalibrator extension to compute the view/projection matrices at which the projector is placed relative to the screen¬†
    • Simple mapping that works perspectively correct from the position of the projector
    • Reprojection mapping that allows to specify a different Spectator view for which perspective illusions will work.