January 31st 2022

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Meeting ID: 819 2014 9387
Passcode: 799557

Topics covered

  • Finding Help
    • Press F1 on a selected node to open its helppatch
    • Press F1 with no node sele cted to open the HelpBrowser
    • Shortcuts are listed in the HelpBrowser but also in the graybook
    • https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/reference/hde/keyboard-shortcuts.html
  • Video   
    • For video input and playback reference the VL.Video.MediaFoundation pack   
    • This supports all modern cameras with MediaFoundation drivers (not DirectShow drivers!)   
    • Choose Skia/Stride version of nodes depending on used drawing backend
  • Audio    As of writing this, the VL.Audio pack is still experimental and needs to be installed separately