February 21st 2022

Networking Protocols:   

  • Low Level: UDP, TCP, WebSocket   
  • High Level: OSC, MQTT, ZMQ
    • OSC:
    • MQTT: 
      • VL.IO.M2MQTT prerelease pack needs to be installed
      • Publish/Subscribe pattern
      • Can use local or cloud broker, eg:
      • See help in the helpbrowser
    • ZMQ: 
      • Can be used similar to MQTT
      • There are no public brokers to simply use like with MQTT
      • Best for local usage
      • Best option performancewise
    • TCP:
    • Needs framing for messages so they can be tokenized on the receiving end
    • Same applies to communication over a serial port 
    • In the helpbrowser, see: 
      “HowTo Send a stream of data”
      “HowTo Receive a stream of data” 


  • Build a “chat app”, where avatars can walk around on a 2d canvas and share a message each
  • Build a record datatype “AvatarData” with the following properties:
    • Position
    • Rotation
    • Radius
    • Color
    • Text
  • Create a process node “Avatar” that can move one avatar around using the keyboard (rotate, move fwd, ie. similar to the player in Osmosis) and takes a message
  • Publish the avatar via MQTT topic: avatar/1
  • Create a process node “DrawAvatar” that can visualize one avatar and its message
  • Receive a range of published avatars and visualize them