February 10th 2022

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Application and Definition of a .vl document
  • Moving definitions to a separate library-only document
  • Referencing documents to access all nodes defined in there

3d rendering basics:

  • vvvv is using the Stride 3d engine: https://stride3d.net
  • Stride is using an entity-component system for setting up scenes and and a PBR workflow for materials
  • Main elements of a sceneĀ 
    • Geometric primitives (Entities) (Sphere, Box, …)
    • Lights (Skybox, Directional, Point, …)
    • Materials (TextureMaterial, PBRMaterial)
    • PostFX (AmbientOcclusion, LocalReflections,…)
  • Loading models requires two nodes:
    • FileMode
    • ModelEntity
  • Hittesting using the MouseRay node
    • Camera needs to be connected to both the MouseRay node and the SceneWindow
    • Also MouseRay node needs to be connected to SceneWindow
  • SceneWindow Shortcuts
    • F2: Show performance meter and used graphics card
    • F4: Show debug mode with axis and grid
    • F11/Alt+Enter: Go fullscreen