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The Touchdesigner Roundtable Berlin is a meeting point for creatives and developers that work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner099 as well as everybody that is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it. For the third time we meet online. The meeting will be streamed to our Youtube and Twitch channels:


The Presentations

Show yourself TouchDesigneurs!
< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Synthestruct
20:15 / 8:15 PM

Synthestruct (Ginger Leigh) is an audiovisual and interactive experience designer who combines her love for working with sensors and real-time data, creating generative systems, and exploring math and science to build immersive performances and installations.

< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Aejaa
20:45 / 8:45 PM

Aejaa - pronounce as you feel - is a new venue for remote, collaborative realtime performance that aims for the best possible quality. Meet Christos Atzinas, Andreas Levisianos and Valia Rassa of the Aejaa collective and learn more about this new stage and it’s ambitious program.

< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Paketa 12
21:15 / 9:15 PM

Who hasn’t been inspired by his tutorials? Nobody interweaves the art of mathematics and the mathematics of art into a fascinating learning experience like Paketa12, who teaches us to see TOPs in a whole new light. Surrounded by six cats and one dog, he will invite us to his bucolic retreat in rural romania for a glimpse at his work.

< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Markus Heckmann
22:00 / 10:00 PM

As always Markus Heckmann (Technical Director with Derivative) will join us with the newest news, gossip and answers to your most pressing questions from the Derivative headquarters in Toronto.

How does it work?

Stefan Kraus (Youtube and Facebook Event) and Carlos Serrano (Twitch and Facebook Event) are going to be in the chats and meet with the community. If you have questions or announcements, talk to Carlos and Wieland. They will speak as your delegates in the virtual studio with moderator Wieland Hilker during the Q&A.

Doors: 19.45 Uhr / 7.45 PM (All times refer to Berlin time == UTC+2)

No active Stream, but you are welcome in the chats. Meet the moderators, each other and have a drink!

Stream: 20.00 Uhr / 8 PM / Introduction

There will be 15 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A for each Guest.
In between the guests we will enjoy an audiovisual artwork of about 5 mins.

20:15 Uhr / 8.15 PM / Synthestruct

20:40 Uhr / 8.40 PM / AV Screening 1

20:45 Uhr / 8.45 PM / AEJAA

21:10 Uhr / 9.10 PM / AV Screening 2

21:15 Uhr / 9.15 PM / Paketa 12

21:40 Uhr / 9.40 PM / AV Screening 3

21:45 Uhr / 9.45 PM / Markus Heckmann

22:15 Uhr / 10.15 PM / AV Screening 4

22:20 Uhr / 10.20 PM / The End

Although we can’t wait to meet you guys in person again, we are happy to extend the Roundtable to our international friends. If you have any project that you would like to show or discuss at the next Roundtable on the 25th of June – wherever you are, whoever you are –  please do not hesitate to get in … Touch : )

The roundtable is meeting at The NODE Institute in Cyberspace.

Your hosts
< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Stefan Kraus
The NODE Institute

Director, Scenographer, Artist and Designer but VJ at heart.

< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Wieland Hilker
The NODE Institute

Engineer, Programmer, Technician and Inventor but VJ at heart.

< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Carlos Serrano
The NODE Institute

Artist, Designer, Cross Platform Interactive Wizard but VJ by heart.

Code of Conduct

This is the Meetup for TouchDesigner interested open minds based in Berlin or visiting us in Berlin. Its a meeting point for creatives and visual developers, interactive media, digital art, technology and design enthusiast. We are open to anyone who wants to join, no matter if you are an expert or beginner, a famous or breadless artists, a designhead or technologist, a piano player or techno musician. We are especially open for newcomers and curious beginners and we try to make this meetup as diverse as possible.