Roadmap: The FUSE project

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Hosted by the NODE Institute, creative coders and artists Natan Sinigaglia (dottore) & Kyle McLean (everyoneishappy) proposing a new development project in greater detail on December 14th to studios and individuals who are interested in the graphical future of vvvv gamma.

When those two well known vvvv contributors and developers presenting a roadmap for a development, you can expect some good vibes and injections of inspiration and enthusiasm for the community of the visual programming toolkit VVVV.  Once released, this new project will help to push vvvv gamma towards a tool for VFX artists and designers as it will provide a well researched collection of GPU tools and libraries to use with the new vvvv 3D Engine VL.Stride.

It will contain domain specific high level node collections like Distance Fields & Raymarching, Particles, Procedural Geometry, Textures and Materials, GPGPU.

A domain agnostic set of nodes and helpers for patching GPU logic and s clean collection of abstract shader functions that can be easily referenced for coders

The outcome is intended to benefit the community and wider ecosystem as it will be free and opensource, well documented and produced in collaboration with the VVVV group to iterate and improve on the core shader based workflows and approaches of VL.Stride.

Watch the stream here at the NODE Institute.

Natan Sinigaglia
Kyle McLean
David Brüll (Host)