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TD Roundtable XIV

The Touchdesigner Roundtable Berlin is the meeting point for creatives and developers that work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner as well as everybody that is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it. 


To secure your spot in the studio, please get a free ticket!
Ticket sale starts on the 27th of June, 10 AM
Tickets are limited to 25 attendants


We will stream the talks on our Youtube channel:

The Presentations

The schedule is not set in stone and may change spontaneously.

Doors open at 19.30 Uhr / 7.30 PM

20:00 Uhr / 8.00 PM / Acrylicode

Acrylicode creates generative art and publishes tutorials on YouTube and Patreon. They use their expertise in both software development and art to inspire new users to think like a coder and use Touchdesigner to explore unlimited variations of their creativity. In their presentation Acrilycode will explain CHOP executes and how to use them in interactive projects using a simple example.

21:00 Uhr / 9.00 PM / Alphamoonbase

Wieland Hilker is venturing in artistic engineering and is a choriphen in advanced Python programming and system design with TouchDesigner. His many popular tools can be downloaded for free in the OLIB, the biggest repository for TD components. In his presentation Wieland will talk about callbacks and events in complex project structures.

22:00 Uhr / 10.00 PM / Markus Heckmann

Markus Heckmann (Technical Director with Derivative) is not only the author of popular TouchDesigner tools like CamSchnappr or the new GPU particle system but also a visual artist and live video performer. He will join us with the newest news, gossip and answers to our most pressing questions about the present and future of TouchDesigner.

23:00 Uhr / 11.00 PM / Socialising

We will close the meeting at 23.30 / 13.30 PM, but we will reserve a table in the neighbouring OMEGA Bar for everybody who wants to continue…

Who is this for?

This is the Meetup for TouchDesigner interested open minds based in Berlin or visiting us in Berlin. Its a meeting point for creatives and visual developers, interactive media, digital art, technology and design enthusiast. We are open to anyone who wants to join, no matter if you are an expert or beginner, a famous or breadless artists, a designhead or technologist, a piano player or techno musician. We are especially open for newcomers, P.O.C., women and LGBTQ+ creatives.