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After the roadmap presentation in December 2020 you are now invited to join the core development team of FUSE to celebrate the first preview release of the library. We will take an introductory tour of what has been produced and discuss future directions for The FUSE Lab.

FUSE is a library for visually programming on the GPU, built to enable rapid workflows and modular approaches to accelerated graphics, logic and computation. 

FUSE is built for use in vvvv gamma and follows it’s ‘always runtime’ model allowing for fast design and programming work with no build or compile process in between you and your results.

The open source library is a highly recognized project in the creative coding scene as it enables visual programmers to patch directly on the GPU in runtime. It contains domain specific high level node collections like Distance Fields & Raymarching, Particles, Procedural Geometry. The project in its pre release status has already attracted a lot of attention from the worldwide generative design community.

As a community supported project (backer list can be found here), the team already make it to use in real world projects and now aim to share the fruits of its research & development with the peers in the creative coding and generative design communities.

With The FUSE Lab team
Natan Sinigaglia, Kyle McLean, Christian Riekoff
David Brüll (Host)

Live Stream of the event:

The Roadmap Presentation from December 2020