Reactive patching with vvvv gamma

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In this webinar, we’re introducing you to the basic concepts of visual reactive programming with vvvv gamma.

You’re familiar with the basics of vvvv gamma but want to understand more? VL offers features that will help you to create more complex and performant programs.

In this webinar, we’re introducing you to the basic concepts of reactive programming. The new Reactive category gives you tools to handle asynchronous events, background calculations and even enables you to build your own mainloop that runs on a different CPU core. But let’s start with a pragmatic explanation of what it is: 

Reactive programming is programming with asynchronous data streams

In a way, this isn’t anything new. Event buses or your typical click events are really an asynchronous event stream on which you can observe and do some side effects. Reactive is that idea on steroids. You are able to create data streams of anything, not just from click and hover events. Streams are cheap and ubiquitous, anything can be a stream: variables, user inputs, properties, caches, data structures, etc. For example, imagine your Twitter feed would be a data stream in the same fashion that click events are. You can listen to that stream and react accordingly. On top of that, you are given an amazing toolbox of functions to combine, create and filter any of those streams.

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Since a while VVVV and VL use these so called Observables to handle external events (i.e. mouse, keyboard etc.) and asynchronous data. This was mostly under the hood and the actual operations for observables are hidden in the VL.DevLib. The reason is that out of the box the operations do not go well together with the frame based Update concept of VL because they are intended to be called only once or when something has changed. But as of now we have wrapper nodes for the most common observable operations that do exactly that, listen for change and only rebuild the observables when necessary.

In the webinar you will learn how to:

Work with Observables

React on device events

Run computations on a background thread

Share data between Observable events and the mainloop


This workshop assumes that you’re familiar with the basics of patching in vvvv gamma.


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Artist, Creative Coder, Designer, Developer, Educator, Media Designer, Researcher, Software Developer, Technologist: Tebjan Halm has studied mathematics and computer science and is closely related to the vvvv group as a core developer since 2004. He also does contract work as software consultant and developer of media projects for several agencies in europe.

General infos

We take a maximum of 10 participants. The webinar will happen if we have 5 or more participants. The webinar language is english.

For a successful webinar please prepare the following

Connect to the webinar with a Windows machine

Please download and install the latest release of vvvv gamma from

If you can: Connect a second screen. Put the presenters screen left and patch your vvvv patches on the right. Or vice versa.

Clean desktop from private stuff. You might be sharing your screen with the others.


You will receive a link with the ticket purchase.

General Info:

The webinar runs from 18:00 am to 21:00 CET
We take a maximum of 15 participants.
The webinar will happen if we have 5 or more participants.
The webinar language is english.
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