Procedural graphics with vvvv beta

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vvvv is well known for its realtime graphics powers. If you want to understand the proper workflow on how to achieve procedural realtime visuals you have to understand the packs and contributions and their most important nodes. This webinar takes you there.

We will be learning how to create a procedural graphic using vvvv beta. In combination with FieldTrip and some other interesting packs and nodes such as spline buffer Matcap and so on, we will develop an artistic good looking visual in a dense quality and color which can be used as a poster, wall paper or whatever.

This course is a good basis to dive deeper into the scene at this years online edition of NODE20 – Forum for Digital Arts. Prepare your neurons and get ready.

This course contains the following topics:

Introduction to the FieldTrip pack

Converting geometry to volume

Creating you own Matcap Material

Generating splines using Spline Buffer



Windows PC

3 button mouse

Please have those installed
Field Trip
DX11 pack



< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Takuma Nataka
Freelancer interaction designer

Freelance computational (visual | spatial ) artist based in Kyoto/Japan. Grew up in Brazil, Senegal and in Indonesia, deeply passionate in converting virtual phenomena to a physical experience. Adobe Creative Residency 2019 - 2020.

General infos

We take a maximum of 10 participants. The webinar will happen if we have 5 or more participants. The webinar language is english.

For a successful webinar please prepare the following

Connect to the webinar with a Windows machine

If you can: Connect a second screen. Put the presenters screen left and patch your vvvv patches on the right. Or vice versa.

Clean desktop from private stuff. You might be sharing your screen with the others.


You will receive a link with the ticket purchase.

General Info:

The webinar runs from 17:00 am to 20:00 CET
We take a maximum of 15 participants.
The webinar will happen if we have 5 or more participants.
The webinar language is english.