Cables Meetup at NODE
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Starting with a real-life meetup in August, the Node Institute is partnering up with the creators of the node-based visual programming tool cables

Topics will include future development of cables, how to work on real world projects, a look into the machine room and much more. Attendees will be able to show and tell their projects and workflows as well as participate in a small “jam” with everyone around to ask questions.

This will be the first cables meetup in the Node Institute and unfortunately all the seats are already taken. We promise to have more of these in the future though, so stay tuned!

What is Cables?

Cables itself is a tool for creating beautiful interactive content. With an easy to navigate interface and real time visuals, it allows for rapid prototyping and fast adjustments.

You are provided with a set of operators, such as mathematical functions, shapes, materials and post processing effects. Connect these to each other with virtual cables to create the experience you have in mind. Easily export your piece of work at any time. Embed it into your website or use it for any kind of creative installation. Check it out here: