Building a game from scratch with VVVV gamma

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In this webinar we're going to build a simple game and along the way get familiar with how to structure the different components of applications in vvvv gamma.

This webinar is ideal as a follow up option if you took one of the vvvv gamma introduction webinars we are offering.

Once you’re familiar with the basics of the visual language you might need a little challenge. Building a game from scratch is a usually a good way of diving deeper. Games have all the aspects of proper applications. They require you to handle user input, manage the game logic, maybe keep a high-score or save a state to disk so it can be recalled the next day. So in this webinar we’re going to build a simple game and along the way get familiar with how to structure the different components of applications.

You can find all infos on vvvv gamma and VL on

You will learn how to:

# Structure a program
# Model data types to fit a given scenario
# Deal with user input
# Load/Save game state to disk


# Windows PC
# 3 button mouse
# You should be familiar with the basics of patching in vvvv gamma.

your instructor

< class="wk-card-title wk-margin-remove"> Joreg
Creative Coder

Creative Coder, Developer, Educator, Founder, Software Developer, Technologist: Joreg is co-founder of and core-developer of the multipurpose toolkit vvvv and the general purpose visual programming language VL. Besides he teaches, works for money under the label and is otherwise concerned with the integration of sound, image and computer code. For the NODE Forum for Digital Arts he co-curates the educational program focusing on vvvv and vl workshops, bringing together users who want to share their expertise with those eager to learn.

General infos

For a successful webinar please prepare the following:

Connect to the webinar with a Windows machine

Please download and install the latest release of vvvv gamma from

If you can: Connect a second screen. Put the presenters screen left and patch your vvvv patches on the right. Or vice versa.

Clean desktop from private stuff. You might be sharing your screen with the others.


You will receive a link with the ticket purchase.

General Info:

The webinar runs from 18:00 am to 21:00 CET
We take a maximum of 15 participants.
The webinar will happen if we have 5 or more participants.
The webinar language is english.

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