Studio for Creative Technology

The NODE Institute is not only a website for learning creative coding,
but it is a physical space in a vibrant neighbourhood in Berlin – close to the Ringbahn.

The NODE Studio is located in a newly renovated former workshop and has everything to take it’s members creativity to new heights:

Beautiful skylights, a sunny backyard, fast internet, printers, delicious coffee, bicycle parking, a fully equipped kitchen, a conference & workshop room for up to 16 people with laptops and about 40 standing as well as a silent podcast recording studio that also helps you to deliver first class video calls.

The Studio is inhabited by international artists, designers and musicians that support and complement each other. Obviously we have a focus on visual programming with strong ties into the TouchDesigner and VVVV community. However, we think that creativity is a team sport and that great projects demand diverse and manyfold talents and skills – so we are curious what you could contribute!

A member has a desk, access to all the facilities, storage space and 24/7 access to the studio.

If that sounds like what you have been looking for and you would like to join our gang,
please send your application to