Want to expose?

This platform is made for you to learn and share expertise in production pipelines, realtime animations and sound, creative coding, computational design, creative technologies. You name it!

We are happy to help making your knowledge visible and learnable to new talents and new game changers.

We are trying to make this as easy as possible for you, because we know how much work and preparation goes into creating tutorials and online courses. You should be able to think about the content, not about the right streaming tools, codecs, marketing, webdesign, tax, invoicing, privacy policies and other details that can and will eat up surprising amounts of time.


Live Webinar

Live Workshop
at a specific Date and time.
max 20 live participants
Each session ca. 3h

Online Course

Date independent!
Students start by the time they enroll to the course content.
Step by step instructions.
More tutorial style.
Using the LMS LearnDash.
Content consists of Lessons, Topics,
Video, Images, Text, Quiz, Test.


We host meetups for relevant communities in the field. Such as the VVVV Community and the TouchDesigner Community. Contact us if you think this is a great opportunity for your Community as well.


Your knowledge.
Your price.

Finding a price

You define the economic value of your knowledge! Of course we will assist you to finde the right level based on your input, however there are some general ideas we are following.

Nobody is the same. That is why we always present three ticket options each representing a different economic value of your know-how.


# Individuals
Students, artists, freelancers on a non commercial mission e.g. €50

# Professionals
Individuals on a commercial mission, SMEs
e.g. €100

# Company
Knowledge is applied mainly in a corporation
e.g. €200

Free courses?

If you want you can of course offer free content as well. For obvious reasons we would however insist that users register on this site to access the free material. Another option we are trying out right now is donation tickets, where people can set their own price. This allows you to offer content for free but be open to peoples gratitude. 

Revenue distribution

The Institute splits the overall income in percentage of 65/33/2% where the formular is: You/Institute/Festival. Meaning: We are doing the work to let your courses shine, to take care of registrations, payments, legal stuff, platform costs etc. After sales, we hand out an overall information so you can invoice us with your part. A small part is collected in a fond, which we will use to support presenters during our community activities (VVVV Meetup, TouchDesigner Roundtable) as well as at the bi-annual NODE Forum for Digital Arts festival.

Your part

# Prepare the material

# Be a master / teacher

# Focus on your practice

# Be on time


Our part

# Curation – themes, avoid overlaps, structure, commissioning, creation of whole courses

# Consulting – We work with you on content definition, pricing and how to teach best

# Administration & Planning – dates / ressource management / communication

# Participant Registration – Taking care of all participant requests and needs

# Payment & Invoicing  -Taking care of all payment related tasks.

#  Costs for hosting and maintenance – licenses, payment, protected videohosting, online shop, cost for safe AGB, DSVGO etc.

# Quality control – Evaluating surveys etc.

# Lobbying – Be loud about the social, economic and political needs of the community

# Be loud about your content. Online advertising, foster the exchange with festivals, institutions and companies to resell existing teaching content and workshops