WS23 – VVVV 11 – SuperCollider Integration for Sonic Explorations in vvvv gamma

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Unlock the world of 3D rendering in vvvv, powered by the immense rendering capabilities of the Stride Engine. This workshop is designed for vvvv users and game developers seeking to leverage the game engine principles in the visual programming environment vvvv gamma.

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February 15th 2024, 6 – 9 PM CET
Live via Zoom, in English Language / Recording will be available the day after the class takes place
Recordings are available for up to one year after purchase.

WS23 – VVVV 11 – SuperCollider Integration for Sonic Explorations in vvvv gamma

SuperCollider, a dynamic programming environment and platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, is a tool of choice for musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound. It is composed of three main elements: a synthesis server, that sits in the background as a process; a programming language, to send commands to the server; and an IDE with an integrated help system to write the code.

In this workshop you will learn various strategies on how to use its features inside vvvv gamma, especially leveraging its flexible architecture. You will learn how to communicate with the synthesis server using OSC and MIDI, responding to events inside your composition for real-time rendering and decoupling the server from the IDE to exclusively writing SuperCollider code in VL. The goal of this workshop is a simple on-screen application for a granular synthesizer and a small versatile node set for controlling oscillators within vvvv gamma.

About the Instructor

Christoph Ignaz Kirmaier (aka @chk) is a musician, multimedia artist, educator and Co-Founder of the design and production Studio 3e8 which is based between Vienna and Berlin. In the past few years, his work has spanned a wide range of forms, such as large-scale corporate multimedia installations, sound design, generative graphics, electronics, animation, music videos, user experience and robotic prototypes, in several companies, bands and collectives. Currently, Christoph is teaching vvvv at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten in the Masters of Digital Design program whilst continuing his research into future technologies, studying the Postdigital Lutherie Masters Program at the Tangible Music Lab in Linz.

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