100 - 400 EUR

SS23 – VVVV – 06 – Kairos for Developers

The workshop is for those who are interested in having a deep understanding of the library, potentially interested in customizing and contributing to it.

100 - 400 EUR

SS23 – VVVV – 05 – Sequencing values on a Timeline using

Sequencing values on a Timeline using the Kairos library

50 - 200 EUR

SS23 – VVVV – 02 – Transformation and Spaces

This workshop will introduce the basics of space and transforms as they are applied in allmost all computer graphics related areas. We’ll use VVVV Gamma and VL.Stride for demonstration, but the concepts are equally valid for most other 3D related systems (e.g. Unity, Blender, …).

50 - 200 EUR

SS23 – VVVV – 01 – Creating an App from Scratch

This workshop is for everybody who has a quick and useful app in mind, that is just waiting to be patched and exported.

90 - 360 EUR

TouchDesigner Certification – Summer 2023

In addition to the 12 basic Modules, you will have access to individual consultations with the instructors and will - under their guidance - work on an assignment over three more modules. At the end you will deliver an interactive program, following a real life inspired brief to prove your learning progress and document you new skills. If your work lives up to the criteria, The NODE Institute will certify that you are capable of working with TouchDesigner on an intermediate level and add you to our list of recommendation.

640 - 3200 EUR

TouchDesigner Intermediates – Summer 2023

In 16 weekly sessions you will learn all the basics of visual programming in TouchDesigner. In the individual modules you will approach the tool and its functionality by creating small playful interactive example programs through which you will explore TouchDesigners capabilities

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 16 – Tracking and Depth Sensors

Daniel Molnar will guide you through the setup of Kinect cameras, explain the pros and cons of different depth cameras product and provide you with helpful insight on the limitations but also the possibilities these devices bring to your TouchDesigner projects.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 15 – Data Sonification

In this session Bileam Tschepe is going to explore the idea of data sonification. This stretches from “classic” data sources like data bases and table data to more experimental approaches to turn visual Information into music.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 14 – Advanced Audio Reactivity

Learn how to analyse live or prerecorded audio and process the resulting data in meaningful ways. understand how you can send data to and from DAWs and get to know the new VST Host, that allows you to use virtual instruments right inside of TouchDesigner.

100 - 500 EUR

SS23 – TD – 12+13 – Connect with web technologies

Wieland Hilker will demonstrate how to acquire data from the internet and format it perfectly for the use with TouchDesigner. Learn about JSON and leverage Python to connect your projects to the internet and run a light weight webserver right inside TouchDesigner.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 11 – Using Arduino with TouchDesigner

In this module, Daniel Molnar will show you how to set up the connection between TouchDesigner and the Circuit Playground microcontroller. You will learn how to send acceleration and button data from the Circuit Playground to TouchDesigner, convert the data into chops and use the input to control a little, interactive game.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 10 – How to control and map Lasers

Moritz Hilscher will introduce participants to lasers as a creative medium, explain the dangers and conditions that need to be met to operate them and most of all, will show how one can control lasers from within TouchDesigner, opening up many use cases like laser mapping, audio visualisation and tracking.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 09 – Raymarching for the masses with RayTK

RayTK is a library of components that construct raymarching and other types of shaders with networks of COMPs using the network editor. RayTK allows artists without knowledge of GLSL to render raymarched scenes, using the familiar elements of the TouchDesigner network editor. Learn how to use RayTK from it's author, Tommy Etkin.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 08 – DMX, Artnet and LED Mapping

Learn how to leverage the lighting control protocols DMX and ArtNet to control virtually any light fixture and almost everything that can be controlled in a stage / event / show environment including custom LED installations.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 07 – Sequencing Shows and Installations

Sequence live or automated shows and installations flawlessly and orchestrate lights, multi screen projections and sound without hick ups and shameful moments of reboot.

100 - 500 EUR

SS23 – TD – 05+06 – Advanced GLSL Shader Programming 1+2

In this two session module, Josef Pelz is going to show how you can take inspiration from mathematical formulas and use them to create simulations and particle systems, that have some kind of behavior.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 04 – Do it in TOPs

In this module, Paketa12 will explain how he translates programming techniques from other realms into the world of TOP operators and give you the conceptual tools to implement this approach into your own projects.

50 - 250 EUR

SS23 – TD – 01 – Projection Mapping

In this module, Stefan Kraus will show how to use TouchDesigners mapping tools and introduce an advanced workflow, that leverages simulation and semi automatic mapping for even the most complex structures.

100 - 500 EUR

SS23 – TD – 02+03 – Introduction to GLSL Shaders 1+2

In this module VanTa explains the concept of GLSL shaders. It is intended for programmers, who want to deepen their understanding of computer graphics, for designers that want to learn how things are made, and for anyone curious enough to see the way pixels are drawn on a screen. Some experience with computer graphics will be useful.

360 - 1440 EUR

TouchDesigner Beginner Class – Summer 2023

360 - 1440 EUR

VVVV Beginner Class – Summer 2023

In 12 sessions you will learn all the basics of programming in vvvv. You will approach the tool by creating small playful interactive example programs through which you will explore different vvvv methodologies and hot topics like creative coding, data and sound visualization, patching objects and game logic.

Starting at 80 €

VVVV Beginner – Class Winter 2022/2023

In 12 sessions you will learn all the basics of programming in vvvv. You will approach the tool by creating small playful interactive example programs through which you will explore different vvvv methodologies and hot topics like machine learning, camera tracking, game logics and music visualization.


Mastering vvvv for teaching – Class Spring 2022

An 8 week (16 sessions) live online course that starts from scratch and prepares you for teaching vvvv in educational settings. A cooperation between vvvv and The NODE Institute.


Machine Learning for Interaction Designers

This workshop is for interaction designers who work with the visual programming environment vvvv.  The online workshop by Seb Escudié will introduce you to tools enabling you to leverage machine learning capabilities in your own vvvv patches. 


The NODE20 VVVV Workshop Bundle

30 vvvv workshops. 90 hours of learning. Brought to you by the most experienced vvvv instructors and the vvvv developers. Recorded at NODE20 Forum for digital Arts.


Visual Programming with TouchDesigner

This free introduction gets you started with the visual programming environment and flattens the learning curve considerably.

Starting at 60 EUR

Volumetric Lights in TouchDesigner

You will learn how to build a custom volumetric lighting system in TouchDesigner from Lucas Morgan, the creator of GeoPix.

Starting at 40 EUR

Sequence Shows and Installations in TouchDesigner

Learn how to safely sequence generative scenes in live or automated shows and installations with TouchDesigner.

Starting at 30 EUR

Rest in Peace – Working with Web APIs in TouchDesigner

Wieland Hilker shows how to ingest data from web APIs. Useful to integrate blog posts, weather data or tweets in your TouchDesigner projects.


Notch and Touch – a love affair

Carlos Serrano will demonstrate how Notch and TouchDesigner complement each other when you combine them.


Tame the Flame – with Presets

Flow is a realtime simulation for flames, fire and smoke. Learn how to tame it's countless parameters with Presets.


NDI Video Switcher in TouchDesigner

In this step-by-step tutorial Stefan Kraus demonstrates how to mix NDI sources in TouchDesigner and stream live output to Facebook.