Online courses for Beginners and Professionals

It is our mission to bring quality learning to the node based programming community and while everybody loves a good tutorial, our instructors want to take you further. A good starting point is the free Introduction to visual programming in TouchDesigner, which will guide you through the first steps in TouchDesigner and is considered to be the base on which other TouchDesigner courses and webinars will build.

All courses and webinars are held in English, unless we announce otherwise. We hope to be able to host live workshops in our Berlin Studio soon again.

We are currently working on two massive online courses for TouchDesigner and vvvv (Beginners and Intermediate), however it will take a bit more time before we can present them to you. Until then, we hope you will enjoy the courses and webinars that our instructors have built so far.

30 - 120 EUR

Notch and Touch – a love affair

Carlos Serrano will demonstrate how Notch and TouchDesigner complement each other when you combine them.

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50 - 160 EUR

Tame the Flame – with Presets

Flow is a realtime simulation for flames, fire and smoke. Learn how to tame it's countless parameters with Presets.

Tame the Flame

Starting at 120 EUR

GLSL in Touchdesigner – Level 1

Understand how GLSL shaders work in Touchdesigner. Series of four consecutive webinars by VanTa.

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Introduction to visual programming with TouchDesigner

This free introduction gets you started with the visual programming environment and flattens the learning curve considerably.

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NDI Video Switcher in TouchDesigner

In this step-by-step tutorial Stefan Kraus demonstrates how to mix NDI sources in TouchDesigner and stream live output to Facebook.

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