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Machine Learning for Interaction Designers

This workshop is for interaction designers who work with the visual programming environment vvvv.  The online workshop by Seb Escudié will introduce you to tools enabling you to leverage machine learning capabilities in your own vvvv patches. 

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Timeline your data in vvvv using VL.Kairos

This four hour workshop was recorded live on March 30th 2021. Kairos a new tool to structure your data in vvvv. It also introduces a vast range of possibilities for managing live data and controlling your applications. Learn directly from the developer Natan Sinigaglia.

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The NODE20 VVVV Workshop Bundle

30 vvvv workshops. 90 hours of learning. Brought to you by the most experienced vvvv instructors and the vvvv developers. Recorded at NODE20 Forum for digital Arts.

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Start : Visual Programming with TouchDesigner I

This free introduction gets you started with the visual programming environment and flattens the learning curve considerably.

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Beginner : Visual Programming with TouchDesigner II

You will learn how to design and realize interactive projects in the visual programming environment TouchDesigner.

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Intermediate : Visual Programming with TouchDesigner III

You will learn how to work with Sensors, Motion Tracking, Lasers, Python Scripts, API Data, 3D Projection Mapping and Lighting Control.

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Intermediate : Volumetric Lights in TouchDesigner

You will learn how to build a custom volumetric lighting system in TouchDesigner from Lucas Morgan, the creator of GeoPix.

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Beginner : GLSL in Touchdesigner I

Understand how GLSL shaders work in Touchdesigner and unleash the beauty of mathematics with VanTa.

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Intermediate : GLSL in Touchdesigner II

Expand your understanding of GLSL shaders in Touchdesigner with VanTa.

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Beginner : Sequence Shows and Installations in TouchDesigner

Learn how to safely sequence generative scenes in live or automated shows and installations with TouchDesigner.

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Intermediate : Rest in Peace – Working with Web APIs in TouchDesigner

Wieland Hilker shows how to ingest data from web APIs. Useful to integrate blog posts, weather data or tweets in your TouchDesigner projects.

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Intermediate : Notch and Touch – a love affair

Carlos Serrano will demonstrate how Notch and TouchDesigner complement each other when you combine them.

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Intermediate : Tame the Flame – with Presets

Flow is a realtime simulation for flames, fire and smoke. Learn how to tame it's countless parameters with Presets.

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Beginner : NDI Video Switcher in TouchDesigner

In this step-by-step tutorial Stefan Kraus demonstrates how to mix NDI sources in TouchDesigner and stream live output to Facebook.

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