Create a WebServerDAT

The WebServerDAT is a DAT -operator introduces with the 2000 build series of TouchDesigner 099 and enables hosting websites and websockets localy.
Before the Introduction you would need a seperate software like NodeJS and some fiddling to gete everything talkt to one another.

You can find the WebServerDAT as Web Server in the op-createdialog.

After creating the WebServer, let’s take a look at the, for now, important parameters:
Active: When this toggle is set to on, the webserver will start and run.
Port: The network port to acces the webserver.

To test if the Server is running, we set the Active toggle to on and open a browser. Type in the ip-address and port number of the webserver divided by a : . In this case, as we are on the same computer, we can just use the localhost keyword or the address
Without changing the port-parameter the address would look like:
If everything went right, the website should display the message TouchDesigner: webserver1

Perfect, our webserver is up and running.