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GLSL Shader in Touchdesigner I

GLSL shaders have changed the course of computer history and they unleash not only the raw power of your GPU but also the beauty of mathematics – at your fingertips. Inside a framework like TouchDesigner that interfaces with countless devices and makes in and output of data fun, shaders are like a superpower on top of everything that you like about TouchDesigner.

However, while there are many tutorials out there, that assume that you know the basics of GLSL, there aren’t many resources available, that make the effort and take the time to properly explain the concepts of GLSL. VanTa takes that time and with his help you will understand how to program your own shaders in no time. You know TouchDesigner but you have no idea of code? You will love this course.

The workshop consists of roughly 11 hours of video footage that you can follow along and additional notes and files. Once you buy the course, you have unlimited access to the course and future updates.

  • 1.1. Introduction to GLSL / 2h
  • 1.2. GLSL beyond copy and paste / 2h 45m
  • 1.3. Raymarching / 2h 41m
  • 1.4. Materials & Particle Systems / 3h 55m

This workshop is intended for programmers that want to deepen their understanding of computer graphics, for designers that want to learn how things are made, and for anyone curious enough to see the way pixels are drawn on a screen. Some experience with computer graphics will be useful.
The course will be continued with a second part soon.

You will learn how to:

# Work with the visual programming environment TouchDesigner 099
# Work with GLSL shaders in TouchDesigner
# Create beautiful Renderings with Raymarching
# Master Particle Systems on the GPU

Instructor: VanTa

VanTa is an experienced developer, with a strong focus in the field of computer graphics. In his creations, he always tries to find a balance between geometry, abstraction, and chaos. With a background in environmental science, his work revolves around the intersection between art, science, and technology. He loves when digital elements align with the real world; either in augmented reality overlays, projection mapping on architectural landmarks, or pixels floating in thin air. VanTa also performs as a VJ and musician in different locations and festivals around the world. When he finds the time, he teaches coding to designers and artists.


The language is English.

# A basic understanding of programming is required. 
# You should be familiar to navigate and work with TouchDesigner. 
# If you are not please make sure to visit this free Introduction to Touchdesigner.
# Access to a computer with the latest version of TouchDesigner installed.
# A three button mouse

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